Bus stop as transit hubs

Media Replies 15 Mar 2012

We refer to the letters “Extend bus bays to accommodate more buses during peak hours” by Mr Ong Tiong Meng, and “Can private buses stop, park and pick up passengers in bus bays?” by Mr David Kwok (TODAY, 12 March 2012).

To improve the bus commuting experience, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has selected 35 major bus stops with high commuter traffic to function as transit hubs where multiple bus services call. Presently, the bus stops can accommodate 1 to 2 buses at any one time. When upgraded, these expanded bus stops called bus hubs, will allow more buses to berth in the bay for simultaneous boarding and alighting activities, reducing the average time each bus needs to dwell at the bus stops. This in turn, will shorten waiting times and improve overall journey times for commuters. It will also help relieve traffic congestion as a result of buses queuing along the road to enter into the bus bays. The bus stop shelters will also be expanded to allow passengers to wait more comfortably for their buses. Panels showing real-time bus arrival times will also be installed at the expanded bus stops to help commuters better manage their travel time.

Works for four of the 35 major bus stops started October last year and are expected to complete by June 2012. Expansion works for the remaining bus stops are expected to complete progressively beginning from the second quarter of 2012, and all works are expected to complete by end 2013.

On Mr Kwok's query whether private buses can stop and pick up passengers in bus bays, we would like to confirm that this is not allowed during bus lane operational hours. Outside of these hours, private buses would need to apply to LTA to use the bus stops to pick-up or drop-off passengers, provided this does not affect public bus service operations.

We thank Mr Ong and Mr Kwok for their feedback.

Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations and Public Education
Land Transport Authority

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