Car Breakdown at Punggol Road

Media Replies 06 Feb 2012

We refer to Mr Teong Seng Wee’s letter ‘Why treat accident like an offence' (The Straits Times, 27 January 2012). Mr Teong asked why an enforcement officer issued his wife with a summons for illegal parking, even though another enforcement officer has earlier advised her to leave her car parked along Punggol Road after the vehicle's tyre was punctured.

We understand that Mrs Teong stopped her car because a tyre was punctured. We have unfortunately not been able to verify if the officer who then advised Mrs Teong to leave her car at the location was an LTA officer. Mrs Teong then called her husband and left her car to attend to some other matters. Subsequently, an LTA enforcement officer patrolling along Punggol Road received a public feedback that there was illegal parking around the area. The officer then found Mrs Teong’s vehicle unattended with no vehicle breakdown sign, and proceeded to issue her a summons for illegal parking.

On Mr Teong’s explanation and appeal, we have since waived the summons. As part of our procedure, an advisory or warning not to repeat an offence may be included in our replies to the appellant. In this particular case, we agree with Mr Teong that the warning was not necessary.

We have contacted Mr Teong to explain the situation, and have thanked him for his feedback.

Helen Lim (Ms)
Director, Media Relations & Public Education
Land Transport Authority

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