CashCard woes: Specific batch to blame

Media Replies 05 May 2008 cashcard ERP system

I refer to the letters, 'CashCard Woes: What's to blame?' and '$10 fine an unfair slap' on the use of NETS CashCard for ERP transactions (TODAY, 1 May 2008).

Our investigations show that of the total number of ERP transactions in a month, ERP infringement due to CashCard error is about 300 cases. Cases due to a faulty IU is very much smaller - only 5 cases a month.

The 300 cases have been traced to a specific batch of CashCards issued in 2006, which had earlier passed NETS validation tests at that time. We are working closely with NETS to determine how they will address the problem and to ensure motorists that their cards will work reliably.

Currently NETS is the only card issuer for the IUs. LTA is working on the next -generation e-payment system to give motorists more options by allowing multiple suppliers to issue contactless smart cards, thus offering greater choice and convenience for how to pay ERP charges.


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