Cat-eye markers used at some locations

Media Replies 21 Apr 2011

We refer to Mr Mohsen Ghadessy's letter suggesting the installation of cat-eye markers on the expressways to improve lane visibility especially on rainy evenings. ('See road lanes better with cat's eyes', TODAY, 14 Apr).

Such cat-eye markers or raised reflective pavement markers (RRPM) are currently used at selected locations such as at zebra crossings to warn motorists of the pedestrians crossing ahead and at the boundaries of expressways and the exits to slip roads. They are not used as lane markers as they could impede motorists, especially motorcyclists, from changing lanes smoothly and cause unnecessary danger to them.

Nonetheless, we note Mr Ghadessy's feedback and will explore ways to improve lane marking visibility.

We thank Mr Ghadessy for his feedback.

Helen Lim (Ms)

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