Circle Line Strikes Gold for Green Features

News Releases 20 Oct 2010 Circle Line (CCL) Green Mark Gold Award

 1 The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has awarded the Circle Line (CCL) the Green Mark Gold Award for its environmentally-friendly features. The assessment and grading were based on the Green Mark for Rapid Transit System (RTS) framework, jointly developed by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and BCA.

2 The BCA-LTA Green Mark for RTS was developed to provide a holistic approach in evaluating and rating the environmental performance of RTS for existing and future lines. Please refer to Annex A for more information on the framework.

3 Mr Chew Hock Yong, Chief Executive of LTA said, "The award reaffirms LTA's commitment in ensuring that the planning, design, construction and operations of our MRT systems take into account potential environmental impact, and engage the appropriate measures to minimise the impact."

4 The regenerative braking system is one of the features awarded high scores. The energy that is produced by the train during braking is re-used. This energy, if not harvested, would be wasted as heat. The recovered energy can be re-used by a nearby train or channeled through an inverter system to be used by the station. With this, the CCL achieved a 1% reduction in energy usage or 433MWh a year, enough to power up about 90 HDB flats a year. Please refer to Annex B for a schematic presentation on regenerative braking.

5 The CCL was also graded well on its water conservation efforts. For instance, the use of effective drift eliminator in its air-conditioning units reduces drift loss of the cooling tower. The process helps the CCL save 13,550 cubic metres of water every year, equivalent to the water consumption of about 60 HDB households' in a year.

6 Other green features of CCL include energy-conserving escalators that reduce its speed when not in use or stop completely during extended period of non-usage. Wherever possible, the design of the stations allows skylight in, minimising the use of artificial lighting and therefore reducing energy consumption. This is demonstrated at stations like Bras Basah and Promenade along the Circle Line.

7 Dr John Keung, Chief Executive of the Building and Construction Authority said, "I am glad that there has been much interest in the BCA Green Mark scheme and it is now extended to beyond energy efficiency in buildings. BCA is pleased to collaborate and share our knowledge in the development of this framework that would bode well in the environmental performance of existing and future Rail Transit Systems."

8 With the framework, LTA will also work with the rail operators to determine the sustainability level of the North-South-East-West and North-East Lines, and identify areas where green technology or advanced methods leading to more efficient use of resources may be implemented. To make travelling even greener, LTA will also incorporate the use of environmental-friendly measures in future lines.

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