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Growing Singapore’s land transport network

Whatever your destination and mode of travel, Singapore’s land transport system is growing and improving to take you there. More connections by rail, bus and road will make commuting more efficient and exploring more enjoyable.

Our extensive road-rail-bus network, currently serves over seven million commuters each day. This comprehensive land transport network and infrastructure continues to grow and improve. To achieve our overarching vision for a reliable, people-centred land transport system by 2030, LTA is undertaking numerous projects to better connect people and places.

We are expanding the rail system, improving rail reliability and building more accessible commuter infrastructure to support growing neighbourhoods and raise connectivity to support a car-lite nation. Beyond this, we are also piloting new technologies and innovations to make commuting more convenient and streamlined. This will strengthen the connectivity and resilience of our land travel network by providing alternative travel routes by bus and rail.


Our target is to expand the rail network to about 360km by the early 2030s. This means connecting eight in 10 households to within 10 minutes of a train station. With 360km of rail network, Singapore will have a total rail length that is longer than major cities such as Tokyo or Hong Kong today, and be on par with London and New York City. These are some of the rail expansion projects that will bring a train station closer to you.

Upcoming MRT Timeline

To enhance reliability across the land transport system, LTA undertakes ongoing projects to upgrade and renew various aspects of the rail system.

Beyond building new rail lines and enhancing existing ones, we are also building the road and commuter infrastructure to support other ways of getting around, as well as enhancing road safety. These range from better road connectivity to more walk and cycle facilities such as covered walkways, silver zones, barrier-free access and cycling path, making last-mile solutions a reality and goes towards a comfortable, accessible and inclusive transport system for all.

To challenge the limits, LTA constantly look at how we can use technology to innovate and find new solutions to address both current and future transport needs.

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