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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) spearheads land transport developments in Singapore. We plan, design, build and maintain Singapore’s land transport infrastructure and systems. We aspire to strengthen Singapore’s land transport connectivity and integrate a greener and more inclusive public transport system complemented by walk and cycle options. We harness technology to strengthen our rail and bus infrastructure and develop exciting options for future land transport.

The land transport network has transformed significantly since the inception of LTA in 1995, with more than 160km of expressways spanning the island, an MRT network of more than 200 km, 120 km of cycling paths, and increasingly varied commuting options.

The various teams at LTA are driven by common values and goals to enhance land transport, focusing not just on excellence but also caring for the community and the environment. 

We are driven by the vision of a people-centric land transport network that connects communities and places. We look across the board to manage traffic flow, provide reliable public transport and support active mobility options for a car-lite city. Apart from charting the future of land transport through master plans, we continually look at ways, including using technology, to enhance the reliability of the public transport system, support options for walking and cycling while improving road connectivity and service levels of point-to-point travel options. 

To continually meet the evolving travel needs of our diverse commuters, from time to time, LTA conducts surveys to gather insights to plan for future travel needs. Find out more or participate in our current surveys here.

The Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) 2040 envisions a convenient, well-connected and fast land transport system – characterised by a gracious and inclusive commuter experience, that contributes to better health and safer journeys for all.

Transport Infrastructure is the backbone of every thriving economy. At LTA, we do more than develop train networks and roads. With mega-engineering projects, urban planning, policy making and more under our belt, we bring together multi-disciplinary talents to build connections and keep Singapore moving. We harness innovative ideas, new technology, and big data to challenge the limit. Join us to transform the way we move the city.

Check out LTA's Careers e-Booklet (PDF, 1.4MB) to find out more. 

Keep up with the statistics and publications and find out the latest happenings in Singapore's land transport landscape.

LTA's school programmes and resources are designed for students of different age groups. Through interactive activities, assembly shows, exhibitions and more, students can gain a comprehensive understanding of Singapore's land transport infrastructure and systems.

Check out our available school programmes and resources, and discover the role children can play in shaping the future of transport in Singapore.

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