Green Initiatives at LTA

Energy Efficient Infocomm Technology

We’re collaborating with IBM on an energy efficiency programme for our Infocomm Technology (IT) environment. The three-year “Green IT Initiative” aims to promote responsible and efficient use of energy in LTA.

IT is an integral component in our daily operations and we’re continuously seeking ways to innovate and provide quality public services. Together with IBM, we will conduct a comprehensive, fact-based analysis and prioritise steps to reduce energy use across our IT infrastructure.

We will co-research the use of innovative green technologies and intelligent software to optimise usage of the existing IT infrastructure, and investigate the potential of emerging liquid cooling solutions, including the use of water to cool IT infrastructure.

As part of our holistic green IT solution, we also:

  • use of Energy Star compliant computers
  • observe Green Hours @ LTA, where staff are encouraged to shut down their computers during lunchtime
  • use energy-efficient technologies and inverter systems in our railways systems
  • closely monitor the organisation’s energy use

We received the Singapore Sustainability Awards in 2010 for the Green IT Category.