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About Singapore Rail Academy

The local rail industry currently employs about 9,300 workers for rail construction, operation and maintenance, majority of which are employed in engineering roles. To support the expanding rail network to 360km by 2030, the rail industry is projected to need about 15,000 workers in total, meaning that there will be about 5,700 new jobs created in the industry. The Singapore Rail Academy (SGRA) will lead and collaborate with public transport operators to prepare the industry for the challenges ahead.

The SGRA was officially launched on 23 February 2017.



To enable Singapore to significantly level up the capability development and standards for rail engineering, operations and maintenance.


  • To build and deepen capability in rail technology through training programmes
  • To accredit and ensure the quality of training and proficiency of rail engineers and technicans
  • To provide assistance schemes to support training and retraining
  • To collaborate with Research Institutes and Institutes of Higher Learning to advance the technical knowhow and benchmarking

Work Streams

Learning & Programmes Accreditation and Standards Industry Scheme & Development Railway Research
To design and deliver training programmes aimed at deepening rail engineering capabilities. To ensure training standards and certify the proficiency of rail engineers and technicians. To develop and implement targeted schemes that will enhance the attractiveness of the sector, eg. through traineeship and through-train schemes. To improve safety standards, rail reliability and productivity in the local scene through collaboration with research institutes and overseas counterparts on applied rail research.

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