Call for Collaboration – Multi-Modal Journey Planner for Singapore


The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) is issuing a Call-for-Collaboration (CFC) with industry players to co-create a multi-modal journey planner mobile app for Singapore commuters. 


This Call-for-Collaboration aims to invite industry players to express interests in collaborating with LTA to jointly deploy and co-market their multi-modal journey planner for use in Singapore.

No. Features & Functionalities Examples
1 Enables commuter to do pre-trip and on-trip journey planning
  • Trip Setup
  • Start a trip

Guides commuter to get from point A to B, according to commuters’ preferences

  • Fastest routes
  • Least transfers
  • Least walking
  • Covered walkways
  • Least cost

Enables commuter to search for origin or destination locations

  • Postal code
  • Landmarks
  • Point of interests
4 Enables commuter to configure preferred departure and arrival time of travel
  • Start Date/time
  • Arrival Date/time
5 Enables configuring and saving of “favourites” or default choices
  • Profiles
  • Favourites
6 Calculates the best overall journeys between origin and destination for the commuter to choose their preferred options
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Taxi
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Combination of modes
7 Provides contextual information
  • Estimated duration of travel
  • Estimated travel fare
  • Weather conditions at destination
  • Calories burnt for walking
  • Cycling travel modes
  • MRT station exits to destination, etc.
8 Incorporates real-time information along with planned time-table
  • Real-time bus arrival timing and
  • Scheduled train arrival timing
9 Advises commuters in real-time to adapt to changes
  • Train delay or disruptions
10 Enables configuration and provision of notification alerts
  • Notification alerts upon destination arrival, train disruption notification, etc.
11 Enables re-planning of recommended routes to avoid disrupted train stations
  • Prompts for changes
12 Provides Multi-lingual Options
  • English
  • Other languages

Scope of Collaboration

Party Scope of Partnership

Provide access to land transport open data and APIs on DataMall@MyTransport.SG.

Publicise and promote use of the multi-modal journey planners undertaken in this Call for Collaboration.

Industry Players

Co-create multi-modal journey planner that meets the needs of Singapore commuters, and develop Active Mobility features such as walking & cycling.

Make multi-modal journey planner available for use on popular mobile devices and platforms (e.g., iOS and Android).


Proposal Submission

Interested industry players in this CFC should submit information about their multi-modal journey planner to LTA with the following content for consideration:

  • Current feature and functionality of multi-modal journey planner
  • Planned enhancement roadmap of multi-modal journey planner
  • Differentiation from other multi-modal journey planner


Evaluation Criteria

Finalists will be shortlisted for presentation to LTA’s Selection Committee. Evaluation criteria are based on:

  1. Comprehensiveness of proposed Journey Planner
  2. Alignment to LTA’s Mission of Connecting people and places, enhancing travel experience
  3. Innovativeness
  4. Focus on Public Transport
  5. Focus on Sustainable Mobility (Active Mobility)


Call for Collaboration Timeline

No. Activity Date

Publish Call for Collaboration

Oct 2015

2 Proposal Submission and Clarifications

(Submit presentation slide and link to company website)

Extended to 14 Dec 2015


Presentation by Shortlisted Industry Players

Feb 2016 (Updated)
4 Award of Call for Collaboration Mar 2016 (Updated)

Contact Information

Land Transport Authority of Singapore