(Previously known as the Road Data Hub Collection Specification)

Requirements (Ver 2.6)

Contains the requirements for the submission of as-built GIS data to the Land Transport Authority.

Cover Page

Part 1

Part 2

Supporting Files

1. These symbology files (for ArcView 9.3.1) are required for the display of legends for each layer.

  1. Personal Geodatabase format (MDB)
  2. Shape format (SHP)

2. These font files have to be installed in the Windows fonts folder of the personal computer for proper display of road inventory symbols.

  1. Font File

3. The Excel file containing Road Names and Road Codes, currently available in the GIS system is to assist the contractor in filling up the information required for the new RD-CD field which is added to all the inventory layers. List is in Part 2 of the GIS Data Collection Specification.

  1. Road Name Road Code (Excel)