Research and Technology Grant Calls

Spiralling bicycle stands



Land Transport Master Plan

As articulated in the Land Transport Master Plan 2013, LTA encourages greater use of public transport. This includes expanding the size of the rail network to 360km by 2030, and addition of new bus services. Extensive infrastructure for cycling and walking to improve first-and-last mile travel are also being built. These initiatives aim to increase the proportion of trips made on public transport during peak hours from about 66% today to 75% in 2030. For journeys on public transport during peak hours that are less than 20km (the distance from almost all parts of Singapore to the city centre), we aim for 85% of these to be completed within an hour.

To complement these infrastructural improvements and also address the challenge of meeting rising demands for transport with limited land, labour and fiscal resources, LTA aims to leverage on research and technology to encourage more people to shift to public transport by reducing travelling time on public transport, improve the availability of services and reducing congestion while ensuring that our public transport system remains affordable to all commuters. These investments in research and technology will also create economic opportunities for our firms to create solutions that can be deployed in other cities worldwide. To achieve the above, LTA will be launching a series of research and technology grant calls, with the latest grant calls:

(1) Grant call for Research Proposals in Urban Mobility