Environmental Awareness Programme

AT LTA, we recognise the importance of environmental awareness programmes to inculcate environmentally friendly habits among our staff, contractors and other stakeholders.

International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

The International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) is part of an annual international effort to clean up the beaches, mangroves and other coastal areas all around the world and to gather information on marine litters. These marine litters pose adverse threat to wildlife and ecosystem as they not only pollute the habitat; they may also entangle or be ingested by animals. LTA has participated in this meaningful activity since the year 2009.

LTA ICCS volunteers at the Sungei Seletar in 2014

LTA ICCS volunteers at the Sungei Seletar_1

LTA ICCS volunteers at the Sungei Seletar_2

LTA ICCS volunteers at the Sungei Seletar_3

LTA ICCS volunteers at the Jalan Selimang in 2013

LTA ICCS volunteers at the Sungei Seletar_4


ASEAN Dengue Day

In support of ASEAN Dengue Day designated on 15 June incepted since 2011, LTA project teams and contractors have gathered to pledge their commitment to keep all worksites dengue free. To raise the awareness of the dengue situation and reaffirm their commitment, mass “carpet-combing” exercises are executed and synchronised across all LTA sites in Singapore to eliminate all potential breeding areas in June annually.

Furthermore, in view of the serious dengue epidemic in 2013, LTA organised an official pledge signing event on 17th June 2013, where LTA’s senior management pledged LTA’s strong commitment in the fight against dengue at worksites. NEA’s General Director, Mr Derek Ho, was also invited to witness the pledge signing.

LTA Dengue Pledge Signing by LTA Senior Management on 17th June 2013

LTA ICCS volunteers at the Sungei Seletar_5