Safety Submission Overview

Safety submission is the main element of the Project Safety Review (PSR) process. It is prepared at key milestones throughout the project’s life cycle. Through the safety submissions, the project teams are required to demonstrate or assert that the road project is “Safe-to-Use” for all road users.

image of safety submission procedure

Preliminary Design Safety Submission

  • Demonstrates that the project will be carried out with proper consideration and management of safety related issues
  • Demonstrates that actual potential safety issues have been identified and considered in the evaluation/selection of design and operational options

Detailed Design Safety Submission

  • Provides a complete demonstration of road safety based on the detailed design of the project

Temp Traffic Control Safety Submission

  • Ensures the safety of road users passing through the work zone
  • Ensures the safety of workers working at or near live carriageway

Post Construction Safety Submission

  • Demonstrates that the design has been properly translated into the project
  • Shows that no inherent safety defects were incorporated into the constructed scheme