AIT humanizes the often hectic transit environment, making the transit experience more enjoyable.

Create dialogue with the local community

  • Community involvement, through direct participation in the creation of the artworks or via art themes that celebrate local life and culture are preferred.

Enhance stations and the surroundings

  • Integrated artworks enhance the station interiors aesthetically and act as visual signposts for commuters in the underground transit spaces. The art shall resonate with the historical, cultural and architectural settings of the vicinity giving the station a unique identity

Produce high quality integrated artwork that everyone can enjoy

  • The Art Review Panel will review all artworks and ensure that a consistent high standard is achieved for all artworks.

Use standard construction method to ensure artworks are procured at reasonable cost

  • All artworks shall be manufactured using standard construction materials which are durable and fire resistant to ensure that they will endure the passage of time with minimum maintenance cost.




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