Improving Your Safety & Security

Improving safety & security

We take public transport safety and security very seriously. Whether travelling on a bus or train, Singapore's public transport operators have implemented a wide range of initiatives in order to provide a safer and more comfortable environment.

Safety in Buses

LTA regularly monitors the maintenance of public transport vehicles and driver performance.

All buses are required to comply with the registration and technical requirements set out in the Road Traffic Act and its subsidiary legislation before they can be registered for use on our roads. Periodic inspection of buses is also required to ensure that bus owners maintain their buses in roadworthy condition.

Vocational drivers of public service vehicles must also maintain good safety driving records to renew their licences.

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Safety in Trains

Our railway system is one of the safest in the world. In 2011, we served more than 2.4 million passengers. From 2007 to 2011, our incident rate causing service delays of more than 30 minutes was 0.07 per 100,000 km. From the latest in global fire protection and safety standards to platform screen doors and driverless trains, here’s more about what we do:

  • Platform screen doors at elevated MRT stations enhance safety while providing better ventilation and security control.
  • Automatic Train Controls (ATC) ensure safe and smooth operation of our trains. At a fall back level, Automatic Train Protection (ATP) is available. The ATP is a fail-safe design for train detection. It ensures that trains do not exceed their maximum speed and maintain safe distance from other trains. Should the system fail, trains operate at a reduced speed.
  • We adhere to the American National Fire Prevention Authorities (NFPA) guidelines to enhance fire safety in our railway systems.
  • Our MRT and LRT operators are well versed with railway operations, rolling stock maintenance and safety management. Additionally, our Project Safety Review (PSR) process provides a structured assessment of the “safe to use” aspect of LTA projects. 

See Rapid Transit Systems Act
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Train Security

We have spared no effort in maintaining the security of our MRT stations, in light of several high-profile train bombings in other countries.  We ensure your safety through the following measures:

  • All MRT and LRT stations and bus interchanges are fitted with closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras.
  • Trained uniformed officers patrol MRT stations and bus interchanges for suspicious activity.
  • Each train car is outfitted with an emergency communication button located at the side of the train doors.
  • Potential hiding places for explosives such as litterbins and other containers have been removed from MRT stations.
  • Mock drills are held regularly to sharpen our staff’s emergency’s preparedness.
  • Public education campaigns educate the public about railway safety.

Did you know

Bus operators are held accountable for service lapses by the Public Transport Council (PTC).


Be aware of your surroundings and report any unusual behaviour or incidents. By working together we can make transit safe for everyone.