Applying for a Certificate of Registration for Third Party Taxi Booking Service Providers

Summary of key conditions for Third Party Taxi Booking Service Providers

1.     Fees and charges to passengers

  • Bidding and pre-trip tipping for taxi services are not allowed. In addition, the booking fees charged by third party taxi booking services cannot exceed the booking fees charged by taxi companies.

Note: Registered Providers will need to ensure that it does the necessary to restrict its passengers and drivers from inducing pre-trip tipping through their platforms, e.g. through the misuse of a free-text field that is meant to specify the exact pick-up location.

  • Fare information shall be specified to commuters upfront before commuters accept dispatched taxi. These include the flag-down fare, distance and time rates, the booking fee charged by the service provider, and where applicable, peak period and location surcharges.
  • Receipts, electronic or otherwise, that detail the different fare components, shall be provided to the passenger upon request.

2.     Licensed taxis and drivers

  • Dispatch only licensed taxis and drivers holding valid Taxi Driver’s Vocational Licences, and maintain accurate records of its taxis and drivers
  • If the Registered Provider has non-taxi booking options, it shall clearly differentiate these from the taxi booking option.

3.     Service requirement

  • Non-mandatory for commuters to specify their destinations before they can make bookings
  • Customer service
    • Provide either a telephone number or electronic option such as an email address, website or via a smart application to receive feedback, enquiries, complaints and requests for assistance. The Registered Provider shall also provide a local correspondence address.
    • Provide priority assistance to passenger who left their property in participating taxis.
    • Provide passengers the ability to indicate special needs (e.g. wheelchair or bulky luggage)

4.     Notification on change in service or charges

  • For any change that affects the delivery of service or the booking fees, fares and/or surcharges payable by passengers in using the service, Registered Providers shall give LTA14 days prior notice and all its registered drivers and passengers at least 7 days prior notice before the change take effect.

5.     General obligations

  • Furnish information specified by LTA for proper discharge of its functions. These include, but are not limited to:     
  • Details of taxis and drivers registered with the provider
  • Booking information
  • Number of registered end users
  • Investigate and report on all incidents affecting its booking service as required by LTA.
  • Allow LTA or its appointed firm to conduct audits relating to the 3rd party taxi booking service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Third Party Taxi Booking Service Providers Regulatory Framework