Junction Electronic Eyes (J-Eyes)

The Junction Electronic Eyes (J-Eyes) system is a network of surveillance cameras at major traffic junctions for traffic conditions monitoring purposes. There are more than 400 cameras on the roads.

photo of J-Eyes

J-Eyes mounted on a traffic light pole at major traffic junctions to monitor traffic conditions


What are the benefits of J-Eyes?

J-Eyes provides LTA Operations Executives at the Operations Control Centre (OCC) with the capability to monitor traffic conditions and verify incidents in real-time. This will enable them to make informed decisions to execute appropriate and effective action plans to manage incidents, thus enhancing the travelling experience for motorists.


How does J-Eyes work?

Surveillance cameras are typically mounted on traffic light poles, street lampposts or special poles. They have the capability to pan, tilt, zoom and also pipe back real-time video images of the traffic conditions to the OCC, where the LTA Operations Executives can monitor the traffic conditions at the traffic junctions around the clock.