Parking Guidance System (PGS)

photo of pgs

Since April 2008, LTA has launched the Parking Guidance System (PGS) in various areas with the objective to provide motorists with real-time parking lots availability information allowing them to make more informed parking choices and to reduce the amount of circulating traffic searching for available parking facilities in a particular area. The PGS also aims to promote a more efficient use of existing parking facilities.

The PGS parking lots availability information is made available to the public through a multi-prong approach that includes:

  • Road side electronic information panels positioned at key locations in Marina Centre, Orchard and HarbourFront shopping belts
  • Websites such as One.Motoring Portal and
  • Mobile applications such as MyTransport.SG.


How the PGS Works

The PGS comprises data collection systems at the various car parks, a central computer system for processing the information on available parking spaces and electronic information panels positioned at key locations for informing motorists of the number of available parking spaces at the various establishments.

photo of system architecture

The system collates information on parking lot availabilities from the establishments and displays them on the electronic information panels along the roads leading to the area, on websites and mobile applications. With the real-time information, motorists would be able to make an informed decision on which car park to use. This would reduce the incidence of vehicles circulating within the area looking for available parking spaces, and thus adding to the vehicular traffic.


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