Renting out or Hiring a Private Car

Renting out or hiring a private car

Non-car owners may choose to rent a vehicle if they want to drive on our roads through the Private Car Rental Scheme.

What is the Private Car Rental Scheme?

The Private Car Rental Scheme allows non-car owners to have access to private transport during public holidays and weekends.

When can I hire private car transport?

  • Weekends: From Friday 7pm to the following Monday 7am.
  • Public Holidays: From 7pm on the eve of the public holiday to 7am on the first working day following the public holiday.

What are its benefits?

  • Allows non-car owners to drive on weekends and public holidays
  • Generally safe and affordable option to get around
  • Reduces congestion on roads

How much should I pay for a car rental?

Car rental prices are based on the car model and the duration of the rental.

Conditions for Renting Out and Hiring a Private Car

  • The car must be registered under the name of a private individual. Company cars are not allowed.
  • Chauffeur-driven rentals are not allowed.
  • The car owner has to ensure adequate insurance coverage for the period of rental.
  • The hirer must check that the vehicle is adequately covered by insurance for the period of rental.
  • The hirer must meet the age and experience criteria specified in the insurance policy.

Tips for Renting Out Your Private Car

  • Decide the rental rates you wish to charge. Conduct your own market research for a price analysis.
  • Advertise in the newspapers or other forms of media.
  • Once a hirer has been found, contact your respective insurers to provide a suitable insurance coverage.
  • Third Party is the minimum coverage required by law in Singapore. Limited protection is provided for property damage, death or injury to others. Meanwhile, Comprehensive Motor Insurance provides full protection for you, your vehicle and your passengers.

Tips for Hiring a Private Car

  • Search for available rental vehicles in newspapers or other media sources.
  • Before confirming the rental deal with the owner, check that the vehicle is adequately covered by insurance.
  • Check through the certificate to make sure that the car is properly insured.
  • Ensure that you meet the age and experience requirements of the insurance policy.
  • Make sure you always have your Class 3 driver’s licence with you.

Did you know 2

Private car owners are not allowed to rent out their cars through rental companies.

Car insurance companies base the price of their premiums on the level of risk associated with each driver. Drivers that are perceived as being a ‘lower risk’ will pay less for their car insurance than drivers that are judged to be a ‘higher risk’.

A No Claim Discount (NCD) is calculated based on your years of driving experience and your claims record.