Road Maintenance Programme

image of road and cars
LTA checks and maintains public roads and road facilities regularly to keep them safe for motorists, commuters and pedestrians. It maintains approximately 9,306 lane-km of public roads including expressways, major roads and minor roads.

Maintenance deals with all aspects of the physical conditions of the road network, including the carriageways, footpaths, streetlights, bus shelters, signages, pedestrian overhead bridges and other structures., and includes maintenance works such road resurfacing, cleaning of bus shelters and traffic signs, painting of railings and repairing damages to the roads and facilities.

Once defects are spotted, they are fixed promptly. For example, potholes are fixed within an average of 24 hours after they are spotted.

Illegal advertisements and obstructions along public roads are also removed to preserve the quality and safety of our streets.

You can help to maintain the quality of public roads and facilities by giving feedback on their defects. Please send your message through the Online Feedback.