Adopting Fuel Efficient Technologies

Fuel Efficient Cars

Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) have the potential
to reduce vehicles' particulate matter emission by
up to 85%. We are currently conducting a trial on
the use of DPFs on a range of diesel-driven vehicles
to determine its feasibility and effectiveness in
reducing PM2.5 emissions.

Vehicle Emission Test Laboratory

We have partnered with the private sector has established a Vehicle Emission Test Laboratory (VETL) to measure vehicle emissions. We are currently conducting vehicle emission studies.

Diesel Hybrid Buses

As part of our efforts to improve the energy
efficiency of our public transport system,
we are conducting a trial with a public transport
operator to study the feasibility of applying diesel
hybrid bus technology to our bus fleets.

Electric Vehicles

We’ve partnered with the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to test-bed electric vehicles (EVs) and assess the benefits and feasibility of adopting EVs in Singapore when they become commercially viable. The test-bed will operate till 2013. Read more about EV Test-Bedding Programme at EMA website.