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LTA Launches Traffic Message Channel Location Table for Singapore

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25 Nov 2010

1.     Motorists can look forward to more options in receiving real-time and localised traffic information in the future with the launch of the Traffic Message Channel Location Table (TMC-LT) for Singapore. The Location Table, developed by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) was launched today at LTALiveTraffic@SG, a TMC industry event.

2.     "LTA provides a wide range of relevant local travel information, and traffic information is definitely a part of that. The adoption of TMC and development of the Singapore Location Table provides another channel offering drivers easy access to timely and relevant traffic information wherever they are, so that they can decide on the best route to take", explained Dr Chin Kian Keong, Group Director, Transportation and Ticketing Technology, LTA.

Significance of TMC and Location Table

3.     Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is an increasingly popular technology and protocol for delivering real-time traffic information to drivers. The most common use of the technology is in dynamic route navigation, where TMC traffic information enables Global Positioning Systems (GPS) navigation systems to route the driver around congestion.

4.     The direct delivery of continuous traffic information via a FM radio channels means that a motorist can listen to news or music broadcasts and receive TMC data transmissions simultaneously. With the Location Table, motorists will get continuous and localised traffic on their navigation devices specific to their route and GPS location. The navigation system then provides dynamic route guidance and offer alternative route advice to motorists to avoid incidents and congestion.

5.     For TMC to work, a database of location codes for a country's entire road network grid is required. The Location Table stores the location code for a country's road network and is a key component for the traffic messages to be received in TMC format, as map suppliers use it to integrate the locations codes directly into their maps for use in navigation systems, portable navigation devices (PNDs), and mobile phones. The availability of the Location Table is thus imperative in any TMC ecosystem, as these location codes are required for TMC service providers to encode TMC messages and broadcast traffic information that will be received by TMC-enabled devices.

6.         With the development of the Singapore Location Table, this enables live traffic information to be fed directly into the map supplier's data, skipping the need to obtain and convert data. This can help fast track the development process and offer cost savings for the industry.

7.     In developing the Location Table, LTA collaborated with Quantum Inventions, a Singapore company with a good understanding of the TMC standard, technical specifications and coding methodology.

Agreements inked at LTALiveTraffic@SG

8.     Agreements for the use of the Singapore Location table were signed with three leading local companies - Asia GIS (AGIS), Quantum Inventions (QI) and ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) - today at LTALiveTraffic@SG.

9.     Representatives from transport, navigation and location-based services attended the event targeted at industry players who are keen to package and make available TMC services to end-consumers.

Annex A: Common Questions on TMC & TMC-LT