Authorisation of Security Officers to Regulate Traffic for Road Works

When carrying out road works to upgrade, maintain, or install road facilities and utilities beneath roads, proper traffic and safety controls must be in place to minimise traffic congestion and inconvenience.

Security agencies must apply for LTA authorisation on behalf of their qualified security officers to perform traffic regulation duties for road works. These officers must meet these minimum requirements:

Qualified security officers should also be fully equipped with the requisite gear and safety attire (PDF, 759kb), such as safety vest, gloves and traffic wand.

Regulating traffic for road works

Scope of Traffic Regulation Duties

A qualified security officer may regulate traffic arising from road works for these road configurations:

  • Mid-block crossings
An example of a mid-block crossing
  • Non-signalised junctions
Examples of non-signalised junctions
  • Signalised junctions with two or less vehicular approaches
An example of a signalised junction with two or less vehicular approaches
  • Closure of any road with two or less vehicular approaches

Submission Requirements

To apply for LTA authorisation, the security agency must first appoint and authorise personnel to register as a member of LTA.PROMPT. Applications must also be submitted on behalf of licensed security officers at least five working days prior to the deployment of authorised security officers for traffic regulation duties.

For more details, please refer to Instructions and Important Notes (PDF, 92kb).

Contact Information

Road Asset Regulation and Licensing Division
Permit for Road Occupation Management Portal: LTA.PROMPT


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