Private Hire Car Licence

Private Hire Car Drivers must have a Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL).

Tamper-Evident Decals on Chauffeured Private Hire Cars

Chauffeured private hire cars must display a pair of tamper-evident decals at the front and back windscreens of the vehicle.

The decals are not transferrable across vehicles, and must not be removed unless the vehicles cease to be chauffeured private hire cars.

These tamper-evident decals will be a mandatory inspection item when the vehicle undergoes periodic inspection. On top of the current vehicle inspection fee, vehicle owners will have to pay an additional inspection fee of $11.88 (inclusive of GST) for the decals.

It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act to:

  1. Tamper with the decals, including reattaching decals which have already been tampered with
  2. Remove the decals when the vehicles are still registered as chauffeured private hire cars
  3. Provide, or accept chauffeured services with tampered decals or without decals

Decals that are damaged must be replaced at any Authorised Inspection Centre within three calendar days.

Vocational Licence Demerit Points System

Taxi drivers and chauffeured private hire car drivers must abide by a framework of rules and regulations and are subject to a Vocational Licence Demerit Points System (VLPS). Under the VLPS, penalties consist of a composition sum or court action and will be accompanied by demerit points. 

The VLPS raises the transparency of investigation and imposition of penalties on both commuters and drivers.

More Information

Offences applicable to PDVL holders under Vocational Licence Points System (PDF, 49kB)

Road Traffic (Chauffeured Private Hire Car and Taxi Vocational Licence Demerit Points System) Rules 2017 (PDF, 64kB)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Private Hire Car (PHC) Matters (PDF, 211kB)

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