Cab Demand High After Office Hours

Media Replies 03 Aug 2013

We refer to the letters by Mr Tan Swee Seng, “Start cabs’ CBD surcharge earlier” and Mr Poh Soon Leong, “Taxis not major cause of jams” in the Straits Times on 29 July 2013.

To encourage taxi drivers to enter the CBD for fares, taxi companies introduced the CBD surcharge which goes to the driver to help them offset the ERP charges and incentivise them to ply the CBD/city areas. The surcharge is applicable during the evening peak periods from 5pm where there is a high concentrated demand for taxis after office hours.

The bus lane scheme was implemented to give buses priority as they are more efficient movers of passengers. For bus lanes to be effective, bus movements must not be impeded during bus lane operating hours. Allowing taxis to use bus lanes during bus lane operating hours would slow down the buses and affect travel time.

For this reason, we allow taxis to use bus lanes only outside bus lane operating hours, when bus volumes are lower.

We thank both writers for their feedback.


Helen Lim (Ms)

Director, Media Relations

Land Transport Authority

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