From Next Year - Shorter Waits and More Comfortable Rides on Circle Line and North East Line

News Releases 23 Jul 2014 MRT trains Circle Line (CCL) North East Line (NEL)

1.      The first of 24 new Circle Line (CCL) and 18 new North East Line (NEL) trains have arrived in Singapore. The remaining trains will arrive progressively over the next few months. All new trains will undergo extensive and rigorous testing at depots before they are progressively put into service from around the middle of 2015.

2.      The 42 new trains will increase fleet capacity by 60% on the CCL and 70% on the NEL, shortening waiting times and improving service levels for commuters. Crowded stretches on CCL will get the new trains as soon as they are ready for service.  On the NEL, crowded stretches such as southbound trips will get more frequent service as more train trips are added during the weekday morning rush hour.

3.      The first CCL train arrived at Pasir Panjang port on 29 June 2014, and was transported to Kim Chuan depot. The first NEL train arrived at the port on 20 July 2014, and has been delivered to Sengkang depot.

Trains undergo Rigorous Testing

4.      To ensure reliable and safe operations, all new trains are put through extensive and rigorous tests once they are delivered to depots. Tests include: visual inspections of interiors, exteriors, underframes and roofs to examine the fleet for damages during shipment and transportation; coupling of individual train cars to form a train; and functionality testing of subsystems like batteries and fire safety equipment to verify that they meet product specifications and functional requirements.

5.      After the first tests are finished, testing and commissioning take place. First, static tests will be conducted on a stationary train to check train doors open and close as commanded from the cab; safety equipment, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting are working according to product specifications and functional requirements. Next, dynamic speed running tests are conducted on a test track to check train controls for driving, braking and stopping accuracy; and train responsiveness to incoming commands from an active cab.  Once all these are completed, the trains will undergo further and final testing on live tracks before they are allowed to go into revenue service.

6.      With the 42 additional new trains next year, commuters can look forward to less waiting and more train trips throughout the day especially during the peak period, and more comfortable journeys when travelling on the MRT network.

Annex A:  Circle Line Train Arriving at Kim Chuan Depot
Annex B:  North East Line Train Arriving at Pasir Panjang Port

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