LTA and ITSS Launch “Smart Mobility 2030”

News Releases 06 Aug 2014 ITS initiatives smart mobility

National Strategic Plan For Intelligent Transport Systems

1.        The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Intelligent Transportation Society Singapore (ITSS) have jointly launched “Smart Mobility 2030” at the Smart Mobility Forum this morning.

2.        “Smart Mobility 2030” is Singapore’s master plan that outlines how the country will develop its Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) over the next 15 years.  Its goal is to optimise transport systems and to enhance commuter travel experience across Singapore with the latest ITS initiatives and advancements in transport technologies.

3.        Mr Chew Hock Yong, Chief Executive of LTA said: “In the past, ITS were often infrastructure-reliant. Today, greater emphasis is placed on data collection, analytics and the availability of relevant, useful information on the move. It is crucial to ensure that Singapore can effectively tap on technological advancements and map out the overall direction for ITS developments in the next 15 years. Hence, LTA and ITSS came together to outline the new ITS vision and strategies to facilitate collaborations between various stakeholders and bring urban mobility to a new level.”

4.        Mr Sing Mong Kee, President for ITSS added, “Over the years, LTA has leveraged on technology and successfully deployed many innovative ITS solutions to manage traffic more efficiently. Besides LTA, stakeholders such as fleet operators, service providers, government agencies, motorists and commuters can play a more significant role in helping to keep our road network flowing. With this in mind, LTA and ITSS have embarked on the new ITS vision and strategies outlined in the Smart Mobility 2030 to enable stakeholders to collaborate and to share their views, information, technological know-hows and bring urban mobility to a new level.”

5.        To address Singapore’s current and future transportation needs, “Smart Mobility 2030” has identified three key strategies and four focal areas to realise the ITS vision in a systematic and coordinated manner.

Three Key Strategies

6.       As part of “Smart Mobility 2030”, Singapore will implement innovative and sustainable smart mobility solutions to facilitate better travel for commuters and transport management.

7.        Efforts will also be placed on developing and adopting ITS standards for the sharing of accurate transport data and the provision of reliable, timely and relevant information services. With the development and adoption of ITS standards, it will allow for greater proliferation of ITS solutions.

8.        To promote ITS awareness among the industry and public, “Smart Mobility 2030” also strives to establish close partnerships and foster co-creation among both public and private sectors.

Four Focal Areas

9.         “Smart Mobility 2030” further highlights four focal areas: Informative, Interactive, Assistive and Green Mobility. These focal areas emphasise the need to leverage ITS initiatives to provide high quality information to meet diverse needs, enhance travelling experience with smarter interactivity, create a safe and secure roadway environment, and envision a sustainable and environmentally friendly ITS. These allow transport users to make informed decisions on-the-go, in a safe and sustainable land transport system.

10.       “Smart Mobility 2030” presents yet another exhilarating chapter of ITS implementation and augmentation of values for all transport operators and users. The strategic plan will provide a significant platform for guiding the advancement of ITS in Singapore, and for sharing and shaping the ITS landmark in the coming years.

11.       "Smart Mobility 2030” is available online at:

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