Bringing Greater Commuting Convenience with Innovative Fare Payment Systems

News Releases 31 Aug 2015 fare system

LTA Trials Sony’s Wearable Technology
and Singtel’s Mobile Wallet App

1.   The Land Transport Authority (LTA), in partnership with Singtel, Sony, EZ-Link, NETS[1] and TransitLink have launched a trial that could see commuters using Sony SG50 SmartBands with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology[2], and mobile payments for fare transactions in the near future. The trial marks LTA’s on-going efforts to leverage on technology to bring greater convenience to commuters through new, innovative and convenient ways to pay for travel.

2.   LTA Chief Executive Mr Chew Men Leong said, “The combination of wearable technology that enables faster, easier and more convenient transit transactions, with mobile retail payment services and lifestyle/wellness tracking, is an exciting development for commuters. Insights provided by the trial will help LTA assess the performance of fare transactions using the smart band and gather feedback in assessing the potential use of wearable technology in public transit.”

3.   200 commuters will participate in the trial which starts today and ends on 29 February 2016. During the trial, participants will wear the Sony SG50 SmartBand encoded with a digital CEPAS card designed for fast, convenient and reliable contactless payments on public transit.

4.   The participants will only need to hold up their wrists to the fare card reader on buses and at MRT/LRT stations to pay for their journeys, making the travel experience faster and more convenient. To top-up the stored value in the band, participants simply need to place the band on the card reader of a top-up device, just as they would a transit card[3]. For greater convenience, they can also opt to register for automatic top-up services[4].

5.   For greater mobility, participants can establish a Bluetooth® connection with the Singtel mWallet app to check their band’s stored value balance and transactions while on the move. In future, the wearable may also be topped up through the app, at a later stage.


To use the SG50 SmartBand on bus and trains,
hold the band up to the fare card reader 

The stored value within the SG50 SmartBand can be topped-up at General Ticketing Machines, Top-Up Machines and Add Value Machines at MRT, LRT and Bus Interchanges island-wide.

6.   In addition to public transit, commuters in the trial will be able to use their SG50 SmartBand at a myriad of retail and merchant outlets including food and beverage outlets and libraries[5]. They can also track their daily activities and sleep quality, and synchronise the measurements into their smartphones via Bluetooth for visual tracking and display.

Annex A: Enabling Sony SG50 SmartBand for transit and retail mobile payment
Annex B: About Singtel mWallet


[1] NETS will come on board the trial in October 2015.

[2] NFC is a short range wireless connectivity standard that enables communication between devices when they are brought within a few centimetres of each other.

[3] The SG50 SmartBand must be turned on and there must be sufficient battery for transactions to be made.

[4] Automatic top-up services refer to EZ-Reload for EZ-Link Cards, Auto Top-Up for NETS FlashPay Cards and Auto Top-Up Facility for Concession Cards.

[5] The SG50 SmartBand can be used to make retail payments at over 30,000 EZ-Link, 87,000 NETS FlashPay or 24,000 Concession Card acceptance points island-wide.


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