Factsheet: LTA on Track to Complete Canberra MRT Station by December 2019

News Releases 09 May 2018 Canberra MRT Station Factsheet

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is on track to complete the new Canberra MRT Station by December 2019. The station is located between Sembawang and Yishun MRT Stations on the existing North-South Line (NSL). LTA has to overcome construction challenges of building the MRT station over an operational MRT line, by implementing appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the NSL’s existing structures while minimising disruptions to train services.

Construction Progress

Construction commenced in early 2016, starting with piling works under the existing NSL’s railway viaduct to form the foundation of the new station. The concourse on the ground floor was then built, followed by the erection of ‘A-Columns’ to support the construction of the elevated platform level. To protect the railway tracks and running trains during the construction of the station roof, a Temporary Protection Enclosure was erected to cover the tracks. Thereafter, ‘V-Columns’ were erected from the platform level, to support each of the roof trusses. See Annex for graphic showing the various components. To date, all station roof trusses have been installed, and the station is 55% completed. After all structural works are completed in 3Q2018, LTA will fit out the architectural finishes and install the electrical and mechanical services. Thereafter, the station will undergo a robust regime of testing and commissioning before it is opened for passenger service.

As part of the project, a new 72-metre long rail crossover track will also be constructed north of Canberra MRT Station to connect two existing tracks that lead to and from the station. This crossover track will enhance the resilience of the NSL rail network by allowing trains to cross from one track to another when the need arises. For example, if one side of the tracks develops a fault, trains can temporarily cross over and use the other track to bypass the faulty stretch, hence enabling train services in both directions to remain available. Noise barriers will also be installed at the new rail crossover.

Enhanced connectivity for commuters

Canberra MRT Station will serve commuters living in nearby estates such as Sembawang Springs, as well as upcoming residential developments in the neighbourhood. Around 17,000 more households will be within a 10-minute walk of an MRT station, and enjoy time savings of up to 10 minutes when travelling towards the city centre or Jurong East.

To better facilitate commuter movements and enhance accessibility, Canberra MRT Station will have five entrances linking it to the new housing estates across Canberra Link. There will also be an elevated link bridge across Canberra Link for commuters to directly access the city-bound train platform. The new station will also have covered link-ways to bus stops, pick-up and drop-off points, as well as more than 500 bicycle parks.

Annex: Canberra MRT station


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