More Digital Services for Foreign-Registered Vehicles

News Releases 29 May 2019 One.Motoring

As part of efforts to leverage technology to increase convenience for users, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be providing owners of foreign-registered vehicles with seamless and secure access to more digital services via the One.Motoring website ( This move will bring greater convenience to vehicle owners, while improving LTA’s operational efficiency.

Goods Vehicle Permit Digital Service

2             All goods vehicles registered in ASEAN countries are required to have a valid ASEAN Goods Vehicle Permit (GVP) before entering Singapore. Currently, vehicle owners have to submit their hardcopy applications in person at LTA’s Customer Service Centre at Sin Ming Drive prior to bringing their goods vehicles into Singapore.

3             From 3 June 2019, vehicle owners will have the option of applying online for a GVP via the One.Motoring website one week before entering Singapore. Once their online applications have been approved, they may collect and make payment for their GVP/Autopass Card at LTA’s Customer Service Centre at Sin Ming Drive. This new service is expected to enhance convenience for users by reducing waiting time.

Online Updating of Vehicle Records

4             From 3 June 2019, owners of foreign-registered cars and motorcycles will have the option of updating their vehicles’ road tax and insurance validity dates online at their convenience, without needing to present their hardcopy documents in person at LTA’s checkpoint offices.

5             To ensure timely updating of their vehicle records, foreign motorists should submit their vehicle ownership certificate, road tax and insurance documents via the One.Motoring website one week before entering Singapore. Upon LTA’s verification of the documents, motorists’ records will be automatically updated in the system.

VEP Digital Service

6             These new digital services follow the launch of the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) Digital Service on 26 November 2018 to allow owners of foreign-registered cars and motorcycles to apply online for a VEP/Autopass Card via the One.Motoring website before entering Singapore. Users can look forward to even greater convenience when online payment and delivery of VEP/Autopass cards are rolled out later this year. Vehicle owners are encouraged to make use of the VEP Digital Service to enjoy a seamless journey into Singapore.

7             Owners of foreign-registered vehicles are required to insert their Autopass cards into the card readers at the immigration booths upon entering and departing Singapore, to facilitate the payment of VEP fees and other relevant charges. Singapore’s VEP and GVP fees are intended to equalise the cost of owning and using a foreign-registered vehicle in Singapore, with that of owning and using a Singapore-registered vehicle.

Resources for Vehicle Owners

8             Vehicle owners may refer to the online video guides available on the One.Motoring website for more information on how to use the digital services. Those who require internet access or assistance using the One.Motoring website may approach LTA’s Johor Bahru service centre located at 34, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak Susur 1, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia (open from 9am to 9pm daily).

More digital services, such as online application for ASEAN Public Service Vehicle Permit, will be made available later this year.

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