Building Works & Restricted Activities in Railway Protection Zone

We regulate standards and set procedures, conditions and other requirements for carrying out any development or building works within the railway corridor and railway protection zone.

Code of Practice for Railway Protection
Covers submission procedures and technical requirements for the approval of development & building proposals and engineering work plans. Guidelines for instrumentation and requirements for application of permit to commence works within railway protection zone are also included.

Handbook on Development & Building Works in Railway Protection Zone
Illustrates the interpretation of the technical requirements in the Code
of Practice for Railway Protection and the safety considerations that are required to carry out any development and building works within the
railway protection zone.

Guide to Carrying out Restricted Activities within Railway Protection and Safety Zones
Offers valuable insight to those who intend to carry out restricted activities within the railway protection and safety zones. Also explains procedures for obtaining LTA's permission to carry out the restricted activities and the salient safety considerations.

Circulars for Building Works and Restricted Activities in Railway Zones
Provides users with the latest developments on building works and restricted activities in railway zones.

Pre-Consultation Clinic for Building Works & Restricted Activities in Railway Protection Zone
Schedule an appointment with one of our LTA officers for consultation on rail-related building activities.

Application Forms for Restricted Activities
Lists forms for restricted activities in our Railway Protection Zone.

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