Bus Operators

These are the main public transport providers in Singapore:

Bus operations are regulated by the Public Transport Council (PTC), which keeps tabs on:

  • Bus service performance
  • Bus service operators
  • Ticket payment services
  • Bus and MRT fares

LTA and the PTC work closely together to monitor the level of service and performance of bus services in Singapore. This includes monitoring Operating Perfomance Standards and Service Provision Standards.

Operating Performance Standards
Reliability Scheduled bus trips
Bus breakdown rate
Loading Passenger load during peak hour
Safety Accident rates


Service Provision Standards
Availability Provision of direct connections
Bus operation hours
Bus frequency
Integration Bus service times at interchanges/terminals
Information Provision of up-to-date information

Read more about the Quality of Service (QoS) Standards for buses services.
See Penalty Framework for Non-Compliance with QoS Standards.