suggesting station names

Q1: Why is LTA inviting the public to suggest names and participate in public polling?

A1: Through the station naming exercise, we aim to create a sense of public ownership for the facilities LTA has built to serve them.

Q2: Is this the first time LTA is inviting the public to suggest names and participate in public polling?

A2: This is not the first time LTA is conducting a public station naming exercise. The first public station naming exercise was held in 2004 for the new MRT stations on Circle Line.

Q3: How is the station naming exercise conducted?

Upon the closure of this phase of the station naming exercise, two to three names per station; meeting the Street and Building Names Board (SBNB)’s naming criteria will be shortlisted for public polling. The shortlisted names will also be reviewed and approved by SBNB before the conduct of public polling exercise.

The public will then be invited to take part in the public polling exercise where they will vote amongst the two or three shortlisted names based on their preference.

The results of the polling are then submitted to the SBNB for review and consideration. Following SBNB’s approval, the names will be announced to the public.

Q4: Why must the suggested names come with reasons?

A4: This is to ensure that the suggested names are consistent with the SBNB’s naming criteria. Suggestions that do not contain reasons will be omitted.


Polling exercise

Q5: How does LTA shortlist the names for the polling exercise? Will the name with the most votes among the shortlisted names be the final name for the station?

A5: LTA will first shortlist the names that meet the Street and Building Names Board’s naming criteria and have a high number of responses. We will then consult our partnering agencies including National Heritage Board (NHB), Urban Redevelopment Board (URA), Housing and Development Board (HDB) and the Advisers and grassroots of the respective constituencies before putting up the shortlisted names for public polling. LTA does not select a name based purely on the highest number of votes. It also seeks the approval of the Street and Building Names Board (SBNB) before putting up the names for polling and before announcing the final names.

Q6: How can the public participate in the polling exercise?

A6: The public can participate in the polling exercise on the LTA website ( The polling exercise is tentatively scheduled in the last Quarter of 2017.

Q7: Why can’t LTA provide more than three names? What happens to the other names not shortlisted for polling?

A7: Only names that meet the SBNB’s naming criteria are shortlisted. Two to three names that best suit the station will be identified. This provides sufficient options for the public whilst ensuring a good representation of names for each selected station. The shortlisted names are also subject to SBNB approval.

Q8: Can the public vote for the same name more than once? How does LTA ensure a good representation of the poll?

A8: We only accept one entry from each person. For repeated entries from the same participant, only the first entry will be accepted and the rest of the entries will be void. The top two to three names with the highest numbers of responses for each station will then be shortlisted for final approval by SBNB.

Q9: So far, how many of such public polls have LTA conducted? What has been the response?

A9: So far, we have conducted public polls for Circle Line, Downtown Line and the Thomson-East Coast Line. The responses have been encouraging. LTA will continue to engage the public and the stakeholders in the various aspects of our upcoming rail projects.