Building Challenges

The construction of the DTL will be one of the most challenging for LTA, traversing through varied and mixed ground conditions, undercrossing the Singapore River and excavating near many downtown buildings and roads.

Moving the Singapore River

Moving the Singapore River

Part of the Singapore River was diverted temporarily for the construction of the MRT tunnels connecting the Downtown Line 3 Fort Canning and Chinatown stations.

Find out how LTA’s engineers achieved this feat.


Singapore's Deepest MRT Station

Singapore's deepest MRT station

The tunnels linking the Downtown Line 3 Bencoolen to Fort Canning stations were built 43m below ground. Its depth is the equivalent of that of a 14-storey building inverted underground or eight basements of the Ion Orchard shopping mall.

Also, part of the tunnels were built just metres away from live rail lines; 1m above the North East Line tunnels, 3m below the Circle Line tunnels and 8m below the North-South Line tunnels. Hundreds of instruments were used to monitor the live tunnels 24/7, ensuring construction is safe and does not affect train services. 


Downtown Line 2 Challenges


OVERCOMINg DTL2's Construction Challenges

DTL2 links Rochor to Bukit Panjang. When opened, it will benefit thousands of commuters living along the line. As with any MRT construction, building the line was no walk in the park. LTA’s engineers shed light on their six-year DTL2 journey. Read on...



Downtown Line 2 Challenges



From old shop houses to high-rise buildings, the Downtown Line passes through one of the most densely built-up corridors of Singapore.


See how the DTL team overcome the numerous construction challenges. 

Building Challenges Weaving Through the Challenges

Weaving Through the Challenges

Construction for the Downtown Line will require a number of detours and diversions – all to ensure that the stations could be built safety and with as little impact on existing buildings and structures.
Building Challenges A New Platform for Expo Station

A New Platform for Expo Station

To connect Expo Station to the Downtown Line via the new Upper Changi and Tampines East stations, a new underground platform will need to be built with as little disruptions to commuters as possible!

Building Challenges A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It

The Singapore River will be diverted to make way for the new Fort Canning Station, an incredibly complicated process that involves…

Building Challenges Under Above and Around

Under, Above and Around

Construction under or near busy roads such as the Central Expressway means trying to limit ground movement  - no small task considering tons of earth have to be excavated and piling done to build retaining walls and other structures.

Building Challenges Digging Deep

Digging Deep

Connecting Promenade Station to the Downtown line has proven to be one of the trickiest excavations and construction efforts to date.

Not only is the station 43 metres below ground (that’s the distance of 15 storeys!), it is also situated within a narrow slip of road between the busy road intersections of Temasek Avenue, the Rochor Flyover and existing office buildings.

Building Challenges Meet Artemis and Athena

Meet Artemis and Athena

The two boring machines used to tunnel the 1km stretch between Beauty World and King Albert Park stations were named by students of Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School.