Move Lite Campaign


They say small acts leave the biggest impact. This is especially true when it comes to adopting lighter modes of transport. A simple decision like switching to walking, cycling, or riding can help transform our city. It’s a move that’s lite on yourself and the planet.

Join our movement and Move Lite for a greener and brighter tomorrow!

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Lite on your feet, Lite on the planet.

Go on foot, go green and go places without worrying about traffic.

Discover sights on the go as you step out with wider repurposed roads and more sheltered walkways. Walking is also a good way to stay fit and green, as you burn calories and reduce your carbon footprint to 0!


Lite on your waistline, Lite on needless waste.

Cycle, skate and run to a healthier you and a greener planet.

Spin around the city with zero carbon footprint on our dedicated cycling paths. You can explore more places as these paths extend beyond 1000km by 2040!

multi modal transport
Photo credit: Veron Ang

Lite on the move, Lite on the environment.

Enjoy greener journeys on board our inclusive and accessible public transport network, featuring electric buses, and an expansive rail network of 360km by 2030.

What’s more, public transport generates three times less carbon dioxide as compared to cars!

Reasons to Move Lite 

reasons to move lite

Move Lite encourages everyone to walk, cycle or ride public transport as part of our everyday lifestyle. These ‘lite’ modes are environmentally friendlier and help contribute to a more sustainable Singapore.

Share with us your reasons to Move Lite at and stand a chance for your reason to be featured on our socials or out-of-home displays!

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