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What is the Land Transport Innovation Portal?

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The Land Transport Innovation Portal (LTIP) is a one-stop platform for our ecosystem partners.

LTIP encourages and facilitates interested innovators to develop innovative solutions to support our needs encapsulated under the Land Transport Master Plan 2040 (LTMP 2040) goals.

Through this portal, interested partners will be able to:

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Get a better understanding of the challenges, problem statements and areas of focus that LTA is keen in working with ecosystem partners to co-innovate.
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Share potential solutions that meet LTA’s needs and address our problem statements.
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Share your perspectives of the problem statements and solutions that LTA could consider.
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Obtain useful information to support your innovation efforts such as information related to sandbox environments, test-bedding, regulatory advice and innovation networking events.
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Find information on suitable funding sources and further assistance on application and other administrative procedures.

Calling for Land Transport Innovation Ideas

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The operating environment in the land transport sector will continue to evolve rapidly in the coming decade, driven by a tight labour market, the recovery of global supply chains, and increased urgency for net-zero carbon emissions.

We aim to partner industry innovators to solve land transport sector challenges and achieve the following key outcomes. Your application should meet at least two (2) of the outcomes:

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Submit your Ideas

If you have new approaches, ideas or new technologies that could help us achieve our strategic goals, you may submit an abstract of your proposed solution through our Submission Form.

And if your proposed idea matches what we are looking for, we will get in touch with you to find out more!

Who can apply?

Local and global organisations (e.g. companies, research institutes or institutes of higher learning) who will set up a base in Singapore to conduct the project, own, manage and exploit rights of all intellectual property that is developed.

Proposed solutions will be evaluated broadly based on, but not limited to the following criteria:

Criteria Description
  • The solution should be aligned with the key goals of LTMP 2040 with a clear value proposition and should demonstrate the steps to achieve them.
  • The solution should be innovative and not already available or commercialised in the market.
  • The solution should not already be funded by other LTA initiatives or another agency.
Scalability & Implementation
  • The solution should be supported by realistic deliverables and outcomes to support the implementation plans.

Shortlisted solutions will be funded based on the duration, level of scalability and technology readiness. Funding requirements and details will be determined based on the nature of project.

Contact Us

If you require further assistance, feel free to reach out to us through our Contact Form.

Join Our Mailing List!

Join our Mailing List to receive updates on the latest land transport innovation news!

To promote collaboration and co-creation of innovation solutions, enterprises, third-party developers, researchers, and the general public can leverage on the data on Land Transport DataMall.


Open Datasets
  • Static Datasets comprise mostly the Geographical Information System (GIS) information available in the ESRI shape file format, and LTA’s statistical monthly/annual reports in PDF and XLS formats.
  • Dynamic Datasets are updated live, and served out via APIs which are accessible with an Account Key issued only to registered DataMall subscribers.


On-Request Datasets

Beyond the Open Datasets, LTA also shares other datasets on a case-by case basis to provide higher levels of granularity for more data-driven solutioning. This is to adequately address requesters’ needs, while meeting LTA’s commitment to data confidentiality and privacy.

The datasets available for on-request sharing are listed in DataMall’s “On-Request Datasets” tab, with more specific information on the metadata in each dataset. To request data, requestors should download and complete the Data Sharing Form and submit it via the Contact Us page on DataMall.

This is an image of the JLD challenge call

Jurong Lake District (JLD) is a new growth area in western Singapore that serves as the largest mixed-use business district outside of our city centre.

Going car-lite is one of the key ambitions of the JLD in progressing towards net zero emissions by 2045.

To encourage drivers to adopt Walk Cycle Ride (WCR) modes of transport for trips within JLD, URA and SNDGO, with LTA’s support, are organising the Jurong Lake District Innovation Challenge. Under this challenge, SMRT has developed a problem statement to look for a solution that aggregates information across the various public transport services and active mobility options in JLD. The solution targets to change car owners and frequent drivers’ perception of public transport and offer commuters better interaction with SMRT’s offerings.

This would align with LTA’s goals to make WCR transport modes the preferred way of travel and reduce the carbon footprint of our land transport system.

Selected solutions can each receive up to SGD50,000 in prize money and other incentives such as access to IMDA’s innovation consultancies, PIXEL corporate innovation facility for prototyping and commercialisation, and co-innovation with access to SMRT’s facilities and expertise.

Submission of applications for the challenge is now closed.

This is an image of the Land Transport Innovation Challenge

The Land Transport Innovation Challenge is a collaboration between LTA and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). This challenge consists of four problem statements, with a prize money of $50,000 each.

Problem solvers will also get support from IMDA’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP) during and after the proof-of-concept / prototype stages to develop their solutions further.

Submission of applications for the challenge is closed. We would like to thank the companies, research institutions and individuals for your participation. Selected proposals will be announced in 1Q 2023.

This is an image of the Xcite 2022 Innovation Call

The “Accelerating Co-innovation for Transformation & Export (Xcite)" is a joint innovation call by LTA and Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) in collaboration with IPI Singapore to co-create innovative solutions with industry partners to enhance the capabilities, efficiency, and responsiveness of Singapore’s land transport industry.

This is the third Xcite joint innovation call and this year’s problem statement focuses on “Fire Safety in Electric Vehicles”. LTA and EnterpriseSG, in partnership with Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), hope to work with start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and Research Institutes (RIs) to develop innovative solutions for fire safety systems that can improve or supplement the current fire protection systems in existing carparks.

Submission of applications for the challenge is closed. Please refer to the Xcite website for the latest announcements and timeline for the challenge.

This is an image of the Singapore Mobility Challenge

The Singapore Mobility Challenge (SMC) is an open innovation invitation targeted at start-ups to enhance the public transport system and improve the lives of commuters. The latest challenge is organised by LTA, SBST, SMRT, and co-organised by EnterpriseSG and ITS Singapore.

Submission of applications for the challenge is closed.

Demo Day was held on 18 January 2023 at the Lifelong Learning Institute, where the shortlisted finalists presented their ideas.

The following top three teams (of which two are Singapore-based start-ups) edged out the rest, winning from a cash prize pool of S$30,000 and a matching Startup SG grant.

1st Place: MYR Labs
Challenge Statement: Inclusive Wayfinding Experience Within Stations

2nd Place: Kenzap
Challenge Statement: Improved Data Capture Methods for Maintenance Purposes (Train Maintenance)

3rd Place: WeavAir
Challenge Statement: Improved Data Capture Methods for Maintenance Purposes (Escalator Maintenance)

For more details about the winning challenges, visit the SMC website.

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