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LTA's school programmes and resources are designed for students of different age groups. Through interactive activities, assembly shows, exhibitions and more, students can gain a comprehensive understanding of Singapore's land transport infrastructure and systems.

Check out our available school programmes and resources below and discover the role children can play in shaping the future of transport in Singapore.

For enquires, please contact us at LTA_School_Outreach@lta.gov.sg.

Adopting Green Commutes

'Make the Switch: The Quest for Greener Land Transport' Roving Exhibitions

Age level: Primary, Secondary
Duration: Schools can loan the exhibition for up to a week

Bring our 'Make the Switch' roving exhibition to your school!

This exhibition showcases Singapore's green land transport system and educates students on how they can contribute to reducing their carbon footprint through eco-friendly commuting. Download soft copies of the accompanying Exhibition Resource Kit (PDF, 10,2MB).



OneEarth Challenge

Age level: Primary
Duration: 2 weeks

Encourage students and their parents to adopt car-lite travel to school!

The OneEarth Challenge (OEC) makes going car-lite fun with games and a virtual city.

Students can earn points by travelling to school using car-lite modes. They can also learn about eco-friendly behaviours and put them into practice. Let's work together to fight climate change and protect our OneEarth!

Watch our reel to learn more about the OEC and how your students can join in the fun and opt for car-lite commutes!


Transport Ambassador Programme (TAP)

Age level:  Secondary, Junior College, Institute of Higher Learning (Polytechnics, ITE)
Duration: Project-specific

Take part in the TAP Car-Lite Challenge and do your part to create a greener and more sustainable Singapore for everyone!

As part of the challenge, students will have the opportunity to lead, organise and participate in ground-up programmes that ignite their commitment and passion to go car-lite!


'Sustainability: I Have the Ability!' Assembly Shows

Age level: Primary
Duration: 30 mins

Watch this interactive assembly show and discover how small changes in our commuting habits can make a huge difference in our fight against climate change.

This programme is presented through interactive skits, games and quizzes.

Creating Better Public Transport Journeys

Caring Commuter Champions

Age level: Primary, Secondary
Duration: Project-specific

Learn how we can step up and show care to those in need while commuting on public transport!

Schools can participate and do their part in building a caring commuting culture in Singapore. Students will learn how to offer assistance to those in need through the four caring norms: Give Time, Give Care, Give a Hand and Give Thanks. Students and teachers will have the opportunity to put into practice the skills they learn to help the community around them.

PTS_assembly show

Public Transport Security Awareness

Age level: Primary, Secondary
Duration: 30 mins

How do we ensure the safety of our public transport system? Choose from two activity formats—our recess time programme or assembly talk—to educate your students on public transport security!

Recess Time Programme: Students can participate in a series of interactive activities such as quizzes, puzzles, and hands-on learning at our activity booth.

Assembly Talk: Our sharing sessions will equip students with knowledge of basic first aid and an understanding of the threats faced on our public transport system. They will also learn what they can do to help keep it safe during emergencies or terrorist attacks.


Bus Safety Programme

Age level: Primary, Secondary
Duration: 30 mins

The Bus Safety Assembly Talk promotes good travel habits for students while onboard public buses. Discover essential tips for safe travelling on public transport and how to be a considerate commuter!

Additionally, schools have the option to book the roving ‘CARES Community Bus’ by SBS Transit as part of the programme, where students get to learn more about graciousness and safety while using public transport. Students may also have the chance to sit at the Bus Captain's seat, as well as deploy the wheelchair ramp.

Each session onboard the CARES Community Bus lasts about 30 minutes, and schools are welcome to book the bus for up to half a day.


Promoting Safer Active Mobility

Path Safety Programmes

Age level: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary

Whether you are a cyclist or pedestrian, learn how to be safe and gracious path users!

Visit our active mobility Public Education and Programmes page to explore our latest offerings and resources..


Safe Route to School

Age level: Primary
Duration: Project-specific

Improve the safety of students who walk to school!

Collaborate with us to co-design safe walking routes for your students from the nearest key transport nodes to school. Students can participate in activities such as designing traffic information signs, which will enhance their understanding of road safety and give them a sense of ownership over their immediate physical environment.

Learning Journeys

LTA’s Project Information Centres

Age level: Secondary, Junior College, Institute of Higher Learning (Polytechnics, ITE)
Duration: 2 hours

Curious to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes in the construction of our train networks?

Book an exclusive learning journey to our Project Information Centres (PIC) for the Jurong Region Line, Johor Bahru – Singapore Rapid Transit System Link, Circle Line, Cross Island Line and North-South Corridor to hear first-hand from our engineers about the construction of the projects and the challenges faced. Students will also get the opportunity to interact with our engineers and LTA officers to learn about their day-to-day roles and discover possible career pathways in land transport! 


SG Mobility Gallery

Age level: All ages
Duration: 90 mins

What does it take to be a transport planner in Singapore?

Bring your students to the SG Mobility Gallery and discover how LTA plans, designs, and builds our land transport system to make it efficient, liveable, and inclusive for everyone. Students will get to interact with various multi-sensory exhibits and even experience the training of public transport workers through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiential activities.

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