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Safety First, Always: Best Practices for Cycling and Scooting

With more people choosing active mobility as a form of transport, LTA has been educating users on the safe and responsible use of active mobility devices. Together, we can make our city an inclusive, safe and pleasant place for all to walk, cycle and scoot.

Download our public education collaterals below, or read on to learn more about our public education initiatives.

You can play a part in keeping our paths and roads safe. Download these educational materials on the rules and guidelines for cycling and scooting, and share them with the people around you.

AMA poster image

Your Active Mobility Guide for Safer Journeys

Our campaign poster in English (PDF, 730kb), Chinese (PDF, 385kb), Malay (PDF, 333kb), Tamil (PDF, 2.17mb) and brochure in English (PDF, 1.42mb), Chinese (PDF, 2.04mb), Malay (PDF, 1.93mb), Tamil (PDF, 1.99mb) cover the rules and code of conduct that all active mobility users should know and practise for safe and harmonious path sharing with all public path users.

QRcode Parking poster image

Park It Right!

To help keep our streets neat and free of obstruction for all path users, users of bicycle sharing services need to park shared bicycles at designated parking locations and scan the QR-code to end their trips. Download and display these posters in either English (PDF, 156kb)Chinese (PDF, 203kb)Malay (PDF, 170kb)Tamil (PDF, 282kb) to inform bicycle-sharing users about this parking system.

Users may face a 1-month ban from using all bicycle-sharing services after 3 failures to park properly and scan the QR-code. For more details on the user ban process, read this guide (PDF, 261kb).

Eng-Chi Safe Riders combined


A Safe Journey for All

Download and display the 'Safe Riders' poster in either English/Chinese (PDF, 713kb) or Malay/Tamil (PDF, 753kb) for the 7 key safe riding habits that cyclists and PMD users should observe when riding on paths.

Safe riding programme in progress

Cyclists and users of personal mobility devices (PMDs) can sign up for a free Safe Riding Programme (SRP) to gain the knowledge and skills to ride safely.

The SRP comprises four modules. You can download the PDF guide in English below or in Chinese (PDF, 50.4mb)Malay (PDF, 45.6mb)Tamil (PDF, 31.5mb) and Bengali (PDF, 42.6mb).

Module 1: Equipment and Pre-journey Preparation (PDF, 5.7mb)

Module 2: Infrastructure Familisation (PDF, 5.3mb)

Module 3: Skills Training (PDF, 3.5mb)

Module 4: Rules and Code of Conduct (PDF, 4.1mb)

You can also view these videos to learn about key safe riding practices.

The SRP, which is a 90-minute practice session that covers the above syllabus, will be fully subsidised from now till end 2019. Trainers will guide you through a fun training circuit where you will practise essential skills to ride safe and learn the new rules and code of conduct under the Active Mobility Act.

Devices and helmets will be provided for use during the session. To join an upcoming session or organise a session for your organisation/group, please contact the following appointed training providers:

Unique Speed Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Ms Hasnah
Contact Number: 9226 9239 / 6481 7016

Asian Detours Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Ms Rebecca Li
Contact Number: 9772 2071

Active Mobility Patrol (AMP) volunteers take the lead in advocating for the safe and gracious sharing of public paths. They conduct patrols at hotspots within their neighbourhoods and organise outreach activities to educate cyclists, PMD users and pedestrians on safe and gracious riding behaviour. They also help engage residents to raise awareness of the rules and regulations on the use of active mobility devices.

The number of AMP volunteers has steadily increased since the launch of the AMP scheme in Apr 2016. There are now more than 1,000 volunteers from over 62 grassroots teams and non-government organisations.

If you are interested in being part of the AMP scheme to promote a safe commuting environment for all path users, do approach your community clubs to find out more!

AMP team

SMS Dr Lam Pin Min with the Ayer Rajah AMP team at the AMP Appreciation Event 2019

Getting personal liability insurance

To protect yourself from personal accident expenses and third-party injury claims, you may want to consider purchasing active mobility insurance. The following are some products1 (PDF, 459kb) available on the market:

  • AAS Insurance Agency Pte Ltd: AA Personal Mobility Plus (underwritten by Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd)
  • eTiQa: ePROTECT personal mobility
  • NTUC Income: Personal Mobility Guard

1This list is not meant to be exhaustive nor imply endorsement or recommendation of any of these products or companies. You should make your own assessment on the product that best meet your needs. 

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