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Safety First, Always: Best Practices for Cycling and Scooting

With more people choosing active mobility as a form of transport, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has been educating users on the safe and responsible use of active mobility devices. Together, we can make our city an inclusive, safe and pleasant place for all to walk, cycle and scoot.

Download our public education collaterals below, or read on to learn more about our public education initiatives.

You can play a part in keeping our paths and roads safe. Download these educational materials, and share them with the people around you.


Guide to Active Mobility

To find out how you can walk, cycle and scoot safely on our paths and roads, refer to this guide (PDF, 2.0mb).

disposal scheme

Poster for New Active Mobility Rules

From 1 August 2020, stricter rules on active mobility devices have come into effect to enhance safety on public paths. Familiarise yourself with the rules before you ride. Help spread the word with the poster (PDF, 1.9mb)


No escooter on footpaths

Poster for Where Devices are Allowed to be Used

Refer to this quick guide on where you can use your bicycle, PMD, PAB and PMA. Click here (PDF, 537kb) to find out more.


pmd buying guide

Poster for Power-Assisted Bicycle (PAB) Requirements

Looking to buy a PAB? Make sure that it is compliant to the technical requirements listed in this poster (PDF, 351kb). You can also view this list (PDF, 1.1mb) to find out the type-approved PAB models. 

QRcode Parking poster image

Poster for Park It Right!

To help keep our streets neat and free of obstruction for all path users, users of bicycle sharing services need to park shared bicycles at designated parking locations and scan the QR-code to end their trips. Download and display these posters in either English (PDF, 156kb)Chinese (PDF, 203kb)Malay (PDF, 170kb)Tamil (PDF, 282kb) to inform bicycle-sharing users about this parking system.

Users may face a 1-month ban from using all bicycle-sharing services after 3 failures to park properly and scan the QR-code. For more details on the user ban process, read this guide (PDF, 261kb).

Safe riding programme in progress

Since 2018, LTA has been offering the Safe Riding Programme (SRP) – a voluntary education programme for those who currently ride, or are interested to ride bicycles, power-assisted bicycles (PABs) and personal mobility devices (PMDs).

The SRP informs participants on the proper use of active mobility (AM) infrastructure in Singapore, safe riding practices, and the rules and code of conduct governing the use of AM devices.

LTA is currently updating the SRP. When introduced later this year, it will include enhancements such as more interactivity, customised learning journeys for different participant groups and an increased focus on practical riding skills.

More details will be made available soon.

LTA Active Mobility Patrol (AMP) volunteers play a significant role in advocating the safe and gracious sharing of public paths. 

Since 2016, AMP volunteers have been engaging and educating all path users safe path-sharing practices via community walkabouts and initiatives. Today, there are more than 1,000 AMP volunteers advocating the safe use of active mobility modes across Singapore. 

If you are interested in being part of the AMP scheme to promote a safe and healthy active mobility culture, do approach your community clubs to find out more!

Mountbatten AMP team

The Mountbatten AMP team conducts walkabouts and educates active mobility users on safe and considerate riding practices

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