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This is Public Transport Security Ambassdor Vic

The recent Terrorism Threat Assessment Report indicated that the terrorism threat to Singapore remains high. Our public transport system is accessible and open, with a high concentration (density) of commuters. This makes it an attractive target for potential attacks.

It is therefore important for us to remain vigilant when commuting on our public transport and report any suspicious persons, articles, or activities to authorities promptly.

Sign up as a SGSecure Responder and be equipped with life-saving skills, to be prepared and do our part to safeguard Singapore against terrorism. 

Leading the Way to Safer Rides

To ensure a safe, secure and resilient public transport system, the Public Transport Security Committee (PTSC) was set up in 2004 to drive security policies and strategies. The PTSC comprises LTA, security agencies and public transport operators who come together to work on a range of initiatives and projects.

One of the PTSC’s initiatives is to raise awareness of public transport security among those in the community. We do this through:

  • Seminars and talks to increase the security awareness of workers deployed at public transport nodes, and commuters;
  • Joint operations with Citizens On Train Patrol (COTP) to patrol stations and trains;
  • Regular emergency preparedness exercises, such as Exercise Station Guard, to prepare the public for enhanced security checks; and
  • Participation in exercises organised by the Home Team Agencies such as Exercise Quicksand and Exercise Carina.
Fostering Partnership: Sharing session with students
Exercise Quicksand at Tampines West MRT
Fostering Partnership: PTS and Citizen On Train Patrol at Southwest CDC Joint Operations
Fostering Partnership: Commuter reading our Security Guide and educating her children during one of the Citizen On Train Patrol session
Security Enhancements: X-Ray Machine screening at Holland Village MRT Station
Exercise Quicksand at Tampines West MRT

PTSC also spearheads security enhancements and technology projects that make public transport safer and more secure:

  • We explore and trial high level security technologies that can be used during emergency preparedness exercises, to minimise inconvenience caused to the public. These include mass screening devices and X-ray machines with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. 
  • We make security enhancements to infrastructure to deter and detect threats more efficiently. These include higher quality CCTV systems, bollards, welded-mesh fences and At-Grade MRT tracks.
Security Enhancements: HSR at Jurong East Station Guard Exercise
Security Enhancements: Bollards at Tampines Bus Interchange
Security Enhancements: Evolv Screening at HarbourFront MRT Station
Security Enhancements: CCTV at MRT Station
Security Enhancements: Smith Detection Screening at HarbourFront MRT
Security Enhancements: Welded Mesh Fencing at Lentor

You, Too, Can Play a Part

Every commuter is part of the transport ecosystem. By being alert, vigilant and aware of your surroundings, you can play an important role in keeping our public transport system safe.

Use H.O.T to evaluate if an item is suspicious:

  • Is it Hidden?
  • Is it Obvious?
  • Is it Typical of the environment (e.g. a bag inside a fire extinguisher cabinet)?

If you notice any H.O.T item:

  • Ask around to see if the item belongs to anyone
  • Do not touch or move the item
  • Report the item to either the staff on duty or call 999
Unattended Bag in MRT Train

If you see anything A.I.S.U, call the police immediately and provide information:

  • Abnormal
  • Irregular
  • Strange
  • Unusual

If you spot anyone suspicious, report using T.E.L.L.:

  • Total number of suspicious people
  • Equipment or weapons being carried
  • Look of the people and their activities
  • Location and time of activities
How to Describe a Suspicious Person

Watch these videos and read on to learn more about how you can play a part in keeping our public transport safe.

What to do during an Emergency or Attack

How should you ensure your safety and that of other commuters during emergency? Watch the "S.A.F.E. Guideline" video to learn the four simple steps you can take during times of crisis. Play your part by being prepared!

Learn more on keeping safe during a terrorist attack and the importance of knowing where the emergency exits are located:


Spotting and Reporting Suspicious Activity

  • Watch the video to learn from our Public Transport Security Ambassador, Vic, on how to spot suspicious items and persons, and the importance of reporting them.

"See Something, Say Something"

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