Public Transport nodes are easily accessible and serves millions of commuters daily. Its accessibility makes public transport nodes vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

LTA works with public transport operators on a range of initiatives to ensure the safety and security of buses, bus interchanges, trains and train stations. Commuters also play an important role in keeping every public transport trip a safe journey.

By being alert, vigilant and aware of your surroundings, commuters can play an important role in keeping our public transport system safe. When you spot any abnormalities, report it immediately to the authorities.

Suspicious Items

Use the H.O.T. protocol to evaluate if the item is suspicious:

  • Is it Hidden?
  • Is it Obvious?
  • Is it not Typical of the environment (e.g. a bag inside a fire extinguisher cabinet?)

If you spot any suspicious items, ask around and see if the items belong to anyone. Do not touch the item and report it to either the staff on duty or call 999.

Suspicious Persons

If you spot a suspicious person, report the incident using S.A.L.U.T.E. details:

  • Size – Number of people, gender, age and physical outlook
  • Activity – What they are doing that is out of the ordinary
  • Location – Note the exact location
  • Uniform -  Describe what they are wearing including shoes
  • Time – Note the date, time and duration of activity
  • Equipment – Bag, vehicle model, colour, license plate number, camera, video etc. 

In case of an emergency, refer to the S.A.F.E. Guideline.

For other tips on how you can play a part in keeping public transport safe and secure, you may refer to the following videos:

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