Registration Scheme for TIA Consultancy Firms

In June 2022, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) launched the Registration Scheme for Transport Impact Assessment (TIA) Consultancy Firms.  This scheme recognises TIA consultancy firms with proven track records in undertaking and submitting quality TIAs to the LTA. Developers and Qualified Persons can refer to the published list of consultancy firms under this scheme to facilitate the selection of consultants that produce quality TIAs to support their development work.

TIA consultancy firms capable of producing quality TIAs have been advised to register for the Registration Scheme to facilitate easy reference by the built environment industry. The published list of LTA-registered TIA Consultancy Firms is for the industry’s reference only. It is not a mandatory requirement to appoint only firms from the published list to submit TIA reports to LTA.

The following table contains the list of LTA-Registered TIA Consultancy Firms (as of 14 November 2023). Full details are available in the List of LTA-registered TIA Consultancy Firms (PDF, 110kB):

AECOM Singapore Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Irene Chong Ling Ee

Arup Singapore Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Anthony Leversedge

Aurecon Singapore Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Roy Greenfield

CPG Consultants Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Dr Mak Chin Long


Principal Consultant: Roy Greenfield


Principal Consultant: Li Shoujie

Mott Macdonald Singapore Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Sharon Kaur

Ramboll Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Ray Krishna

Strides International Business Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Han Xiao

Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Dr Wu Xian

SYSTRA MVA Singapore Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Kim Chang Yi

TCP Solutions Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Luo Peiqi

tenzeroone Transport Planning Consultants Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Colin Choo

TSM Consultancy Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Emily Tan

TTS Group Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Tan You Jin

WSP Consultancy Pte Ltd

Principal Consultant: Ben Smith


Note: LTA shall not be liable for any damage, loss or expense of any kind howsoever caused to any person as a result (whether direct or indirect) of his or her appointment of any of the firms in reliance upon the List.

Appraisal Criteria for a Quality TIA
With the launch of the Registration Scheme, TIA submissions are now subjected to an assessment of its quality. The assessment is based on the following two appraisal criteria and how well they are covered:
  • Qualitative appraisal; and
  • Quantitative appraisal.

Requirements to Register into the LTA-registered List

TIA consultancy firms interested in registering or re-registering* for this Registration Scheme must fulfil the following requirements:

(1) Track Record of Firm The consultancy firm will primarily be considered based on its track record in producing good quality TIAs. To register, the firm must submit at least one TIA of acceptable quality. For firms that are re-registering, the firm must submit two consecutive TIAs that are of acceptable quality to LTA.
(2) Training Plan The consultancy firm will need to submit a training plan of how it is developing its staff to be competent TIA consultants.
(3) Academic Qualification of Principal Consultant The consultancy firm shall nominate a Principal Consultant for the registration. The Principal Consultant must minimally have a bachelor’s degree in transport or traffic engineering (or equivalent) or a degree in engineering.
(4) Experience of Principal Consultant The Principal Consultant must have at least 7 years of experience in this field of work or provide documentation of good quality TIA reports that have been submitted to LTA.

*Re-registration is meant for consultancy firms that have dropped out of the Registration Scheme.

What happens when a TIA consultancy firm is removed from Registration Scheme?
For firms looking to re-join the Registration Scheme, they will need to fulfil the requirements listed in the above table.

What should TIA consultancy firms do to stay on the Registration Scheme?
The LTA-registered list only includes TIA consultancy firms that are capable of producing good quality TIAs on a consistent basis. Hence, it is important for registered TIA consultancy firms to maintain their quality standards. Registered TIA consultancy firms that produce two consecutive poor quality TIAs will be removed from the LTA-registered list.

Submission Application Link

Interested TIA consultancy firms may submit their application through the Registration Scheme Submission Form.

For enquiries, e-mail to

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