Rail Manpower Development Package

Every day, over 3.5 million commuter journeys are taken on the rail network. In the rail industry, we continually explore the "what if" and adopt new ideas and innovative formats to improve the way we work to build a more seamless and accessible public transport system for everyone. 

To attract and develop engineering talent for the rail industry, LTA together with our Public Transport Operators and National Transport Workers’ Union have jointly developed the Rail Manpower Development Package (RMDP). To help fast-track efforts in upskilling the rail workforce and attracting more engineering talents to join the sector. It complements the operators’ existing training schemes and allows more workers to undergo upskilling programmes in emerging areas such as data analytics, robotics and automation application, Internet of Applications to support both current and future needs.

As part of the RMDP, LTA will centrally manage the SGRail Industry Scholarship and Training Hardware Investments (THI). 

SGRail Industry Scholarship

The SGRail Industry Scholarship offers an unrivalled opportunity for you to take the first step in your journey to build and shape the future of the rail industry. As SGRail Industry scholars, you will be exposed to projects in the Land Transport Authority and SBS Transit Ltd or SMRT Corporation Ltd through a structured developmental programme.

We are looking for promising rail professionals with the interest, flair for innovative solutions and determination to see through the implementation of projects, to bring the rail industry to greater heights. If you have a passion for all things trains, engineering, technology, and transport, and have always wanted to leave a mark on the Singapore rail landscape, the SGRail Industry Scholarship is for you!



Diverse career opportunities

Your career path will be diverse and dynamic, with a wide range of specialities such as Signalling, Rolling Stock, Power, Permanent Way and Systems to choose from. You can also look forward to gaining valuable exposure and expertise in the exciting rail industry with internships in multinational corporations beyond Singapore.

An ecosystem of mentorship

Work alongside and learn from forerunners in the rail industry, with a wealth of expertise to mentor and guide you through your rail career.

A holistic talent development programme

Through different professional career tracks and career development programmes, you get to expand your leadership skills, develop specialised rail expertise and grow your capabilities as a rail professional.


Please refer to the requirements for SGRail Scholarship here (PDF, 491kB).

For more information on the SGRail Industry Scholarship, please email SGRIS@lta.gov.sg

Please click here to apply for the SGRail Industry Scholarship.

Training Hardware Investments (THI) is a hardware/software grant that is available to Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), Public Transport Operators (PTOs), Training Providers, and/or Singapore Rail Academy (SGRA) to co-fund investments in training hardware (e.g. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality training equipment, simulators, etc) to enhance rail training efficiency and effectiveness.

Projects eligible for funding may receive up to 70% co-funding from LTA, for eligible Capital Expenditure such as (i) Hardware costs incurred once-off for setup, and (ii) Software cost (up to 1 year license costs for training related software).



To be eligible for THI, the proposed hardware/software should fulfil the following requirements:

a. Supports technical hands on training aligned with the rail industry’s needs, from Design, Build, Operations and Maintenance (DBOM) perspectives and enhances training efficiency/effectiveness. The training hardware should be used in training proposals that:

    i. Close identified gaps in skillsets that are currently not adequately addressed with existing training programmes; and/or

    ii. Build emerging skill sets that are required to maintain and operate new systems for which there are limited options; and/or

    iii. Provides a new way of training that substantially enhances efficiency/effectiveness

b. Alignment and support of the larger goal of building manpower capabilities and levelling up workforce competencies for the industry; 

c. Preference will be given to applications that support shared use by the industry and training for the sector; and

d. Cost Reasonableness e.g. direct cost for training hardware/software to be on par and/or competitive with industry market rate; targeted number of trainees to benefit from the training hardware/software, etc.

For more information/queries on THI and/or submission of applications, please email LTA_RMDP_THI@lta.gov.sg.

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