We Want to Hear from You! LTA Conducts Public Consultations for Land Transport Master Plan 2040

News Releases 27 Oct 2018 Walk Cycle Ride (WCR) Focus Group Discussions (FGD) Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP)

  1. Earlier today, 40 members of public shared their views on how to make Walk Cycle Ride (WCR) their preferred way to travel during the first of a series of focus group discussions on the Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) 2040. Chairman of the LTMP Advisory Panel, Senior Minister of State for Communications & Information and Transport, Dr Janil Puthucheary also took part in today’s session. 
  1. The focus group discussions are a key component of the public engagement process for LTMP 2040, after the Land Transport Authority (LTA) launched the LTMP 2040 public consultation document last month to seek views on the future of Singapore’s land transport system. This is the first time such a document is being used to guide discussions on our LTMP. The document covers three broad themes – (i) making WCR the preferred way to travel; (ii) supporting an easier and more inclusive WCR experience; and (iii) how the land transport system can improve our quality of life.
  1. For the first focus group discussion held today, members of public were invited to share their views on how the Government can balance between different WCR priorities, such as convenience, speed and comfort; as well as how WCR can be the preferred choice for more users. During the session facilitated by volunteers, participants role-played as transport planners in an interactive real-life scenario, which prompted them to consider the various trade-offs faced by the Government between providing for an extensive and robust land transport system and creating a more comfortable journey for commuters.
  1. Another two focus group discussions will be held in November 2018 to discuss the two other themes identified in the LTMP 2040 public consultation document.
  1. As part of LTMP 2040’s outreach efforts to more Singaporeans, LTA is also working with REACH to solicit feedback from members of public through ground engagements in different parts of Singapore from October to November 2018. Feedback gathered through these outreach efforts will contribute directly to LTMP 2040. Members of public can also continue to provide their feedback online through the e-poll and the public consultation document available on LTA’s website at http://www.lta.gov.sg/ltmp2040 until 31 December 2018.
  1. The 15-member LTMP Advisory Panel will subsequently consider the views gathered through the public engagement process, before submitting a set of recommendations to Government by early 2019.
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