LTA to Deploy 50 Diesel Hybrid Buses from December 2018

News Releases 26 Nov 2018 Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) diesel hybrid bus

Buses will feature new passenger information display systems to provide commuters with route specific information


The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will deploy 50 diesel hybrid buses (DHBs) for public bus services from December 2018.

2     The use of DHBs is part of LTA’s efforts to build a more environmentally friendly public bus fleet as electric motor reduces exhaust emission and noise generated by the diesel engine. Besides providing commuters with a quieter and smoother ride, these buses will have passenger information display systems (PIDS), which provide commuters with route specific information.

Diesel Hybrid Buses

3     The DHBs are propelled by both diesel engine and electric motor, which is in turn powered by diesel fuel and batteries respectively. The batteries will automatically be charged by the diesel engine. When brakes are applied, the vehicle’s momentum is converted into electricity.

4     The 50 DHBs, supplied by Volvo East Asia (Pte) Ltd, will be progressively deployed to different services, with details announced when ready. This progressive deployment will help us better understand the operational challenges that come with the wider deployment of such buses under our tropical climate and traffic conditions, and will enable us to calibrate our approach in adopting DHBs in the future. It will also help bus technicians and engineers better understand the technical challenges in maintaining such buses.

Passenger Information Display System

5     The PIDS consists of both external and on-board displays. On the exterior of the bus, the PIDS will display the bus service number, destination and the next three MRT or LRT stations that the bus connects to, allowing passengers to plan their bus – train transfers. Inside the bus, the panels will provide information on the next four bus stops, MRT and LRT transfer information, current time and indication if the bus has arrived at the stop. There will also be on-board audio announcements of the next bus stop.

6     Moving forward, LTA intends to have PIDS installed on all new buses to enable commuters to better plan their journeys, and enhance their travel experience on public buses.

ANNEX - Passenger Information Display System

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