QR-Code Parking System for Bicycle-Sharing to Take Effect on 14 January 2019

News Releases 27 Dec 2018 bicycle-sharing

    From 14 January 2019, bicycle-sharing users who do not park at designated parking areas and scan the quick response (QR) code at the designated parking area in public places will be charged an additional fee of $5 by licensed operators[1]. Those who indiscriminately park any shared bicycle in public places 3 times or more in a calendar year will be banned from using all bicycle-sharing services for a month. The ban period will increase with every subsequent ban[2]. This is part of the new bicycle-sharing licensing regime to encourage responsible parking habits and manage the disamenities brought about by indiscriminate parking of shared bicycles.

2.  Ahead of the QR-code system taking effect on 14 January 2019, some bicycle-sharing operators, such as SG Bike and Anywheel, have taken the initiative to launch beta versions for the QR-code scanning function in their mobile applications (apps) progressively from 28 December 2018 so that users can familiarise themselves with the new system. The beta versions will not incorporate the additional $5 fee for failure to park properly and scan the QR code before the requirement takes effect next month.

3.  To educate users on how to end their trips with the new QR code parking system, LTA has also launched a public education campaign, which includes walkway banners at MRT stations, table-top stickers at hawker centres, as well as advertorials on broadcast, print and digital platforms. Please refer to the Annex for the public education posters on the QR code parking system and user ban.

4.  To support the growing cycling community, LTA will continue to work with our partner agencies, private developers and building owners to expand the bicycle parking capacity island-wide, especially at locations with higher demand for bicycle parking. Today, there are 211,000 bicycle parking lots across the island, with almost all homes and public amenities within a 400m radius – or 5-minute walk – from a public bicycle parking facility. By 2020, the Government will provide more than 267,000 bicycle parking lots across the island for active mobility users.

Annex: Public education posters on QR Code Parking System and user ban

[1] This fee is imposed and collected by the BSOs as a disincentive against indiscriminate parking, as LTA holds the BSOs responsible for ensuring their users park properly and putting in all necessary measures to achieve this. The fee also helps operators offset the cost of collecting and relocating the indiscriminately parked bicycles.

[2] The second ban will be for 3 months; the third ban will be for 6 months; the fourth and subsequent bans will be for a year. Users who do not have any instances of indiscriminate parking of shared bicycles in public places for 1 year from the last day of the ban will have their ban count reset to zero.


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