Factsheet: LED Traffic Light Strips Trial at Two New Locations

News Releases 14 Feb 2018 Light Emitting Diode (LED)

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is extending a current trial of LED traffic light strips[1] – which aims to assess their usefulness in enhancing pedestrian safety – till the end of 2018 and to two new locations. Besides enhancing pedestrian safety, the LED light strips also aim to encourage better compliance to traffic light signals. The surface of the traffic light strips have been roughened to make them slip-proof.


2.  The trial began in May 2017 and was originally planned to run for six-months. The LED traffic light strips were implemented at Buyong Road near the intersection of Orchard Road, and the Victoria Street crossing outside Bugis Junction. Pedestrians provided positive feedback on the light strips as they served to improve road safety. However, pedestrians suggested that the brightness of the light strips could be enhanced for better visibility during daytime.  LTA has since replaced the light strips with brighter versions for the rest of the trial period.

Extension of Trial

3.  Following the encouraging response from pedestrians, LTA has decided to extend the trial until the end of 2018. The extension will also allow LTA to assess the effectiveness of the LED traffic light strips over a longer period.

4.  LTA will also extend the trial to two new locations at the St Andrew’s Road crossing in front of the National Gallery Singapore and the Bencoolen Street crossing between OG Albert and Sim Lim Square. These will involve refined designs with green arrows that are more intuitive to better attract pedestrians’ attention.

5.  At the St Andrew’s Road crossing, the arrows will react in tandem with the Green Man displayed on the traffic light signal, by first displaying a steady green to indicate pedestrians’ right of way, followed by flashing green to warn pedestrians not to cross the road. This will be implemented with immediate effect.

6.  In contrast, the arrows at Bencoolen Street will flash dynamically in a sequential running green light when pedestrians have right of way. This will be implemented at the end of February.

7.  Both locations will also have horizontal strips that will light up in a steady red when the Red Man signal is on. Photos of the enhanced LED traffic light strips can be found in the Annex.

8.  LTA would like to assure members of the public that the timing allowed for crossings will remain the same at the traffic crossings involved in this trial.

Public feedback on the trials

9.  During the extended trial, LTA will continue to conduct site observations as well as public perception surveys to seek views on these new traffic light strips’ designs and their effectiveness. This will enable LTA to assess whether these light strips serve to improve road safety.

Annex: Photos of the enhanced LED traffic light strips


[1] Light Emitting Diode

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