Joint Factsheet by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), URA & NParks - Green Spaces, Sheltered Linkways and Cycling Paths at Raffles Place

News Releases 09 Feb 2018 traffic adjustments Factsheet active mobility sheltered linkways cycling paths

The streetscape around Raffles Place will be enhanced to transform the area into a more vibrant and people-friendly green zone in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD). The public can look forward to a new park, more public spaces, wider paths for walking and cycling, and seamless connectivity via all-weather linkways from Raffles Place MRT station to the neighbouring developments.

A.  New park to provide respite from urban life

Part of Market Street will be converted into a new pocket park to bring more greenery and delightful public spaces into the CBD for the enjoyment of working community, and others who transit it to reach adjacent places of interest such as Singapore River, Boat Quay, Esplanade Park and the Telok Ayer Conservation Area.

The approximately 1,000 sqm new pocket park will add to the network of parks and green spaces in the city centre, including the nearby Raffles Place Park.

Artist’s impression - Preliminary concept of new park at Market Street (Source: CapitaLand)

B.  Wider footpaths and sheltered linkways for better walkability and connectivity

Footpaths along Market Street, Malacca Street and Phillip Street will be widened with enhanced roadside greenery to create a highly walkable and pleasant environment for pedestrians and cyclists. A series of sheltered linkways along Malacca Street will also provide all-weather pedestrian connectivity between Raffles Place MRT station and nearby developments.

C.  New cycling paths to facilitate active mobility

Cycling paths will be provided along these streets as part of the street enhancements. These new cycling paths will connect to upcoming cycling paths planned as part of the Central Area cycling network, which will be progressively implemented over the next few years. With Raffles Place connected to the nationwide cycling infrastructure, those who choose to cycle can look forward to a safe and comfortable journey to and from work or as they commute between public transportation nodes and amenities in the vicinity.

The plans were developed as part of a multi-agency effort by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Land Transport Authority and National Parks Board, in close collaboration with CapitaLand, who will be implementing the enhancement works in tandem with their redevelopment of the former Golden Shoe Car Park into an integrated development. The enhancement works are expected to start in 2019 and will complete progressively by 1H2021.

Traffic scheme changes

To implement these enhancement works, the following traffic adjustments will be carried out:

Affected road

Traffic adjustments

Market Street

The stretch of Market Street nearer to Church Street will be permanently closed to vehicular traffic for the development of the park.

Motorists coming from Church Street will be able to access Market Street from Malacca Street via D’Almeida Street.

The remaining stretch of Market Street will be narrowed from two lanes to one lane to create wider tree-lined footpaths for pedestrians and cyclists.

Malacca Street

Malacca Street will be narrowed from three lanes to one lane to create wider tree-lined footpaths for pedestrians and cyclists. New sheltered linkways will also provide pedestrians with all-weather connectivity to Raffles Place MRT station.

Phillip Street

Roadside parking along Phillip Street will be removed to create wider footpaths for pedestrians and cyclists. Motorists can park at alternative parking facilities in the vicinity.

These traffic adjustments are part of the efforts to create a more people-friendly and pleasant environment for people to walk, cycle and ride public transport in Singapore. Detailed traffic studies have been carried out by CapitaLand’s appointed traffic consultant and LTA to minimise the impact to motorists.

Refer to Annex A for the plan on enhancement works and upcoming traffic scheme changes around Raffles Place.

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