LTA Awards Contracts to Upgrade and Renew Power Supply & Track Circuit Systems on North-South and East-West Lines

News Releases 09 Feb 2018 North South East West Line (NSEWL) power supply system track circuit system

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded contracts to upgrade and renew the power supply and track circuit systems on the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL).

2.  Two contracts were awarded to Meiden Singapore Pte Ltd at a total contract sum of $500 million to upgrade and renew the NSEWL power supply system. A third contract valued at $73 million was also awarded to a consortium comprising Siemens Pte Ltd and ENGIE Services Singapore Pte Ltd to replace the NSEWL track circuit system.

Enhanced Resilience with a Better Equipped Power Supply System

3.  The NSEWL’s new power supply system will be equipped with features that significantly reduce the number of power-related faults. For example, the system will be able to automatically switch the power supply source during a power outage. The system is also equipped with a Voltage Limiting Device-Fault Identification System, which will isolate power faults to specific stretches and speed up service recovery.

4.  The new system will allow for real-time monitoring and better fault prediction, detection and identification. Through the power Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, our engineers will be able to monitor the health of the power supply system in real-time, identify potential faults and rectify them before they can occur.

5.  In addition, LTA will also be increasing the capacity of the traction substations and intake power substations at Yasin, Bishan and Stamford. This will increase the NSEWL’s power capacity and allow us to safely support more trains running on the line. It will also improve the overall resilience of the power supply network.

Faster Service Recovery with New Track Circuit System

6.  Alongside the new Communications-Based Train Control signalling system, the new track circuit system can detect the location of trains on the line and facilitate speedier recovery from a signalling system failure. It can also detect the presence of broken rails that require repair, as well as use its built-in condition monitoring system to pre-emptively address possible track circuit failures before they occur.

Towards Better & More Reliable Rail Journeys

7.  The upgrading and renewal of the power supply and the track circuit systems on the NSEWL are major undertakings which entail replacing numerous key components. The design and on-site works for these systems will commence in 2018 and are targeted for completion by the early 2020s.

8.  Mr Chua Chong Kheng, LTA’s Deputy Chief Executive for Infrastructure and Development said, “We are deeply committed to improving the reliability of the NSEWL, our oldest and most heavily-utilised rail lines. We expect the new power supply and track circuit systems to significantly reduce the number of power and track circuit related faults. LTA is working closely with SMRT to ensure that these projects will be implemented smoothly. Once this and other renewal projects are completed, commuters can look forward to better journeys and improved reliability.”

9.  The power supply system and track circuit system are two of the six core systems that are being upgraded and renewed to improve the reliability of the NSEWL. LTA and SMRT have already completed the replacement of the NSEWL’s wooden sleepers and third rail, and are in the midst of re-signalling works. In addition to the power supply and track circuit systems, LTA will also be awarding a tender to replace 66 first-generation NSEWL trains in the coming months.


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