LTA looking at red amber green arrows for all traffic junctions

Media Replies 27 Apr 2018 traffic scheme

We thank readers and the public for their suggestions on how safety can be further enhanced at right turn junctions. 

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is saddened by the fatal accidents on our roads and is working with the Traffic Police to conduct the investigations. 

LTA carries out regular reviews to ensure that the roads are safe for pedestrians and motorists. Since 2015, under LTA’s Black Spot Programme, a total of 21 such accident prone locations have been identified. The safety at these locations have been enhanced with a combination of measures like Red Amber Green (RAG) arrows, special signs or road markings.

In addition, we have embarked on a programme to introduce RAG arrows at all 1600 traffic junctions, where feasible in Singapore. At such junctions, motorists will have to wait for the arrow to turn green before making a right turn. So far, we have already introduced RAG arrows in 200 junctions. In 5 years, the vast majority of traffic junctions will have RAG arrows. Where it is not feasible to implement RAG arrows, LTA will look into other features, such as turning pockets, lighted road studs, integrated pedestrian countdown timers, dashed pedestrian crossing lines and “Give Way to Pedestrian” signs, to ensure safety and smooth traffic flow.

While we will continue to explore ways to enhance the safety of our roads, road safety is ultimately a shared responsibility. Motorists and pedestrians too must play their part by always exercising good road safety practices. For motorists, these includes slowing down at junctions, signalling, and paying attention to changing road situations. Road users must observe traffic rules at all times, and exercise patience and care to ensure their own safety as well as that of others. 


Mr Chandrasekar 
Group Director, Traffic & Road Operations 
Land Transport Authority 

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