Factsheet: Passenger Load Information System Piloted on Downtown Line for Smoother Boarding

News Releases 14 May 2018 Factsheet Passenger Load Information System (PLIS)

    To improve passenger distribution and allow for smoother boarding, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will pilot a new Passenger Load Information System (PLIS) along the Downtown Line (DTL) starting today. The PLIS will be rolled out in stages at all DTL stations, starting from the stretch between Chinatown and Bugis MRT stations.

2.  As each Downtown Line train approaches the station, the PLIS will display the loading level in each of the train’s three cars through intuitive colour-coded icons (Green, Amber and Red) displayed on LCD screens at the station platform. For example, an emptier train car is colour-coded green, while a train car with limited standing capacity is colour-coded red. This will help to channel more commuters to less crowded train cars for easier boarding.

LCD screens with the PLIS

Figure 1: Existing train arrival display on platform LCD screens

Figure 2: Revised train pre-arrival display with PLIS on platform LCD screens

Figure 3: Revised train arrival display with PLIS on platform LCD screens


Figure 4: Representative Passenger Crowd Level for Each Colour Code 

3.  The PLIS’ colour-coding is based on the detected weight of passenger load on incoming trains, which is transmitted wirelessly at one-second intervals to the train station it is arriving at. The information will then be displayed onto the platform’s LCD screens. When the train arrives at the platform, the PLIS will also update the loading information of each train car as passengers board and alight.

4.  As part of the pilot, LTA will monitor the PLIS over a six-month period to fine-tune the system, before deciding whether to implement it on other rail lines. On-site surveys will also be conducted to gather commuter feedback on the new system. A similar system displaying passenger load information can be found along the Yamanote Line in Tokyo, Japan.


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